Month: December 2015

Tanzanite – Stands for its Efficient Healing Properties

Tanzanite Healing Properties Image

For the novices, Tanzanite gemstone proves to be a great charm that explores the psychic powers due to its protective nature. Tanzanite too allows the intuitive Brown Chakra to get gradually unwrapped which prevents the spiritual impression from getting overwhelmed. Read more…

Tanzanite – A Stone of Mutation

Tanzanite Gemstone Image

Known as a Stone of Transformation, Tanzanite stone shifts from the lilac-blue hue to sapphire blue and too into dark blue-violet. Mostly worn as a jewel piece, Tanzanite resides inside the auric field of its carrier and attracts his consciousness Read more…

How to use Baking Soda for Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Ring

Over the time, everything on this earth loses its gleam and shine. Same is with the sterling silver jewelry. With the time, it too starts losing its luster. But this doesn’t mean that it will lose it forever. As there Read more…

Elegant Collection of Coral Men’s Face Jewelry

Coral Men’s Face Pendant-9

Style In Silver, a leading designer jewelry store on eBay has dropped its curtains from its fascinating new collection of Coral Men’s Face Jewelry. You are going to be astonished witnessing gorgeous jewels carved with men’s face. Our experienced and Read more…

5 Best New Year Jewelry Gifts for Her

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Do you know, one of the most magnificent creations of the God on this earth is, “Woman”? In fact, for the novelists and poets too, she has always been a favorite subject. Woman is an ideal and a top leader Read more…