Emerald, a Stone of Health and Wealth

Stands with the team of the precious gemstone, Emerald clutches its unique identity in the scattered and deep world of charms and jewels. Belonging to the family of beryl mineral, this appealing gemstone reveals a gleaming green hue because of the presence of vanadium (sometimes) and chromium. Like the other talismans, the beings test the Emerald on the as per the four C’s of Connoisseurship: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Its fineness is noticed by its transparency and the intensity of its color. Some of the times, this gemstone is treated with the oil too which aids in boosting its excellence and pellucidity. Connoted as a Stone of Goddess Venus, Emerald is believed to be a Stone of Hope and Love since ages.

Emerald Gemstone Image

Where is Emerald Found?

The best emerald is found in about thirty countries all over this world, like Tanzania, Spain, Egypt, Spain, Somalia, China, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Zambia, India etc. the unbeatable quality of Emerald can be assimilated from South America and Colombia.

Color of Emerald Gemstone

Mostly found in green color, Emerald is found in the bluish-green shade. For these plush tints, we should be thankful to the chromium compounds present in this alluring gemstone.

Emerald Birthstone

Emerald is the best birthstone for the May-born beings which is the stands for rebirth. It is also believed that Emerald offers the good fortune, foresight, and youth to its wearer.

Emerald – Zodiac Stone

Being a traditional zodiac stone, Emerald is good for those who are under Cancer sign. Represented by a crab, Cancer people are loyal, adaptable and close to their near ones.

Emerald too nurtures the inner spirituality of Taurians. Moreover, this spectacular gemstone encourages the meditation and reflection of the Capricorn beings.

Benefits of Emerald Gemstone

Associated with Mercury planet, Emerald has a good behavior towards the memory, intellect, wisdom, speech, intuitive power and the travel of its wearer. The owners who get the favor of Mercury as per their Indian Astrological Chart will too find Emerald beneficial for them. Especially, for the politicians and the business persons, Emerald proves to be their best buddy.

Emerald too symbolizes the love and bounty. Emerald gifts its carrier’s good health, happiness, and wealth. Apart from this, it also reduces the possibility of the snake bites.

In fact, Emerald is suitable for the pregnant ladies as it lessens the risk of prolonged labor. Most of the beings find Emerald the best charm for regulating the blood circulation and reducing the mental stress.

Known as a Charm of Successful Love, Emerald unwraps and too nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra. It also offers a soothing power which heals the entire levels of its owner. Moreover, this appealing green charm attracts the vitality and freshness to the spirit. A boulder of infinite patience and inspiration, Emerald represents the unconditional love, compassion and unity. This talisman promotes the friendship and balance between partners. It provides loyalty, contentment, devotion, faithfulness and domestic bliss.

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