Effective Caring Tips for Thai Jewelry

Thai jewelry, styled in amazingly fascinating and ancient Thai pattern, is known to steal the heart of many beings. This motif of the jewelry is quite prominent since the past as was used in the battle and peace too.

Thai Ring-3

There is a fact that in the days back, for making Thai jewelry, the amulets used were too expensive. However, as we talk about the present era, the charms embellished on Thai jewels are also genuine and yes absolutely new.

Today, with the faster pace of life it’s impossible to manage all the necessary tasks of the routine list. Let’s take an example of our jewelry caring job. Because of busy schedule either we forget to pamper our jewels or find the caring steps hard to process. So, today we are here along with some easy to follow, protection and caring tips for looking after your Thai jewelry.

Thai Jewelry Protection and Caring Tips

  • To protect Thai jewelry from getting harm, you should apply all your cosmetics including fragrance and hair spray before wearing your jewels. You might not be aware of this fact, but it’s true that sprays make the surface of jewelry dull as are made using chemicals that may lead its damage.
  • For storing your Thai jewelry, you may opt for a flannel pouch or may also wrap separately, each piece, in a soft fabric or cloth. The outer box too should be fabric lined which will prove to be a safeguard for your jewels.

Jewelry Cleaning Tips-2

  • While carrying any heavy work, you should put off your jewelry to defend it from any scratches or ugly marks.
  • For cleaning your Thai jewelry always use Luke warm water and mild soap. For cleaning the unwanted dirt, your brush should have soft bristles. The ultrasonic cleaners, alcohol, ammonia or any other strong detergents should be avoided for cleaning Thai jewelry. A gentle cleaning is a must as this will not allow the stones or the settings to get loose.

Jewelry Cleaning Tips-1

  • At last, a proper rinse with tap water should be done to remove all the remaining traces of the soap. Even a little touch of the soap may leave the jewelry dull without any luster. Pat dry your jewel pieces with a clean and soft towel and leave it to dry air for some time, and this will surely keep the shine and brilliance of gemstones long-lasting.

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