Thai Ring – One of the Trending Jewelry Types

Thai Ring, finely carved in ancient Thai pattern looks damn hot when engraved with bewitching colorful gem pieces. These types of jewels are worn by ages, with a belief that these prove to be effective for a peaceful ambiance.

So, let’s step forward towards the world famous store of sterling silver jewels, “Silver In Style” on eBay. You are going to feel astonished by spotting out at fabulously handcrafted Estate Thai Rings.

Thai Ring-1

An alluring piece of silver Thai ring embossed with primary gemstone Ruby and other colorful gems all over its surface. The green shade is too used to cover the remaining part of this jewel piece amazingly.

Thai Ring-2

Check out this gorgeous Thai finger piece designed in a beautiful peacock pattern. At the center a red tint charm, Ruby is engraved. The feathers of this engrossing bird, are decorated with brilliant pieces of gems. To bestow a rich gape to this jewel item, a touch of gold is too given.

Thai Ring-3

A fascinating piece of Thai ring revealing a shape of horse face is giving this item a unique look. The eyes of this adorable being are adorned with Ruby gems. On some part of this item, the red enamel is applied which is raising its enthralling gaze.

Thai Ring-4.jpg

Spot out a riveting Thai finger piece shaped in an elegant motif with the floral patterns carved on it. At the center, a small piece of red colored gemstone, Ruby is fixed which is enhancing the beauty of this piece. The bluish enamel is also used to decorate this jewel item.

Thai Ring-5

Thai Rings are too styled in band pattern; this item will offer you that an incredible look. This band ring, bedecked with various vibrant charms are making this piece more glorious. A touch of blue enamel is also given to it which is adding a magnificent gape to it.

Thai Ring-6

For the animal lovers, this lovely Thai ring will prove one of the best gifts ever. On this ring, a cute elephant is carved which will make you feel happy. Its entire part is covered with red enamel. At its center, an oval-shaped, red colored gem piece is festooned named, Ruby.

Thai Ring-7

Check out this gorgeous piece of Thai band ring fabulously designed and decorated with colorful enamels like green, red, white, etc. Some gaudy charms are also fixed on it that are making this piece plusher.

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