Citrine, a Success Stone

Known as a joyful stone, Citrine gemstone emits its appealing bright yellow sheen and thereby has lightened up many lives just by attracting good luck and fortune.

Citrine Gemstone Image

As we talk about the fascinating and efficient crystals in this world of gems, Citrine is one among these which plays a prominent role in offering prosperity and affluence to its owner. This is the only reason that makes this plush gemstone capable enough to earn a fame of the “Success Stone”.

Citrine is the best charm for the business persons that help them in keeping their money box overwhelmed with money if it is kept in it.  That’s why many beings have named this magnificent gem piece as a “Merchant’s Stone”. Apart from being a renowned precious gemstone, Citrine is a part of interesting matters too like in the markets of gems; the heat-treated amethyst pieces are sold in the name of Citrine. So, be aware of buying Citrine gemstone as you might be given a pointed or tumbled gem piece in place of Citrine.

Where is Citrine found?

Citrine is found in various parts of this world mainly in Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, and Russia.

Citrine Color

Citrine found in the yellow hue might astonish knowing that this tint is quite rare to be found. As we have discussed earlier, the heated form of the amethyst pieces is sold titled Citrine.

Citrine, a Natural Birthstone

Found in yellow color, Citrine is a natural birthstone for the one who are June and July born. The yellow crystal attracts the clarity, enlightenment, warmth and optimism towards its wearer.

Citrine – Zodiac Stone of Cancerian

The Cancerian beings find Citrine as the best zodiac stone for them. Represented by a Crab, Cancer people are loyal, attached and adaptable to their family.

Benefits of Citrine Gemstone

The carriers of Citrine gemstone get flooded with happiness, love and joy and too get protection from the heart breakers. It also proves to be an adequate safeguard against the jealousy and spite.

Carrying the power of sun along with it, Citrine is well-thought-out as a premier charm of imagination, expression, and will. If you want to fight a battle against the evil and negative powers of all the kind then this excellent stone, Citrine helps to dispel and disintegrate them.  For clearing the unwanted and free energies from the ambiance this gem piece proves to be effective.

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