Citrine – Popular among Best Healing Gemstones

Known as the best buddy for the business persons, Citrine is recognized as a “Merchant’s Stone.” Well equipped with the favoring property of enhancing the cash boxes of the traders, the gleaming yellow charm, Citrine acknowledged for not just for aiding in acquiring wealth but also for maintaining it.

Citrine Healing Properties Image

A Stone of Manifestation and Abundance, Citrine attracts the prosperity and wealth along with the success and all the other best things. Apart from this, it too motivates its carrier to be generous and to share his good fortune. This fascinating gem piece supports in all the rapid ventures related to the money. It is specialized for favoring in the commercial success and the financial gossip. Carrying this valuable gemstone in the wallet or purse would entice the money and also stop the excessive outflow.

Physical Healing Properties

Effective for simulating the spleen, digestion, and the pancreas, this gemstone aids in keeping the nails, skin and hair fit and healthy. Moreover, this manifesting charm is whispered to be the best for making the person rid of his allergies and skin infections.

For eliminating the infection of the bladder and kidney, this glorious yellow charm is beneficial. It too proves to be useful for treating the bed wetting, mainly in the young adults.

Emotional Healing Properties

The sparkling yellow charm, Citrine stands firmly for purifying the will center of its owner powerfully. It too helps in knowing about the issues of the power abuse and helplessness feelings and afterward assists in identifying these.

Apart from this, this vibrant yellow in hue gemstone raises the caliber of its carrier so that he may get in all the eminent to resolve situations. By offering the resilience and courage, this amazing boulder piece allows the person to make the difficult decisions and explore them.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

From the high-quality piece of Citrine, the golden ray is emitted chiefly in the faceted form that simulates the Crown Chakra. It can also be used to channel the purest Crown power back towards the Navel and Solar Plexus and thereby allows for fusion between the total perfection of the body and the intellect.

Spiritual Healing Properties

The natural form of Citrine is renowned for being an excellent piece of charm for the one who is much sensitive and exposed to the outside influences and the powers. Citrine is quite famous as the best talisman to make the person feel secure and confident.

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