Elegant Collection of Coral Men’s Face Jewelry

Style In Silver, a leading designer jewelry store on eBay has dropped its curtains from its fascinating new collection of Coral Men’s Face Jewelry. You are going to be astonished witnessing gorgeous jewels carved with men’s face.

Coral Men's Face Pendant-9

Our experienced and creative artists have given birth to these fabulous jewel pieces. Each piece, well engraved with various precious, semi-precious and exotic gems, are exhibiting dazzling colorful hues.

Let’s spot out some chic jewelry pieces handcrafted spectacularly in men’s face motif.

Coral Men's Face Pendant-1

An enthralling piece of a pendant is revealing of its men’s face made with sterling silver. The gem piece that is used to carve this attractive shape is white coral. The tiara of this item is decorated with purple, sky blue, and green color gems named, amethyst, blue topaz and peridot respectively. In the end, on the neck of this jewel, a red colored gem piece is engraved named, garnet.

Coral Men's Face Pendant-2

A glamorous sterling silver pendant made in men’s face pattern will take off your pumping heart. The gem piece that helped to design this shape is white coral. A lovely crown is also stamped on it which is looking incredible. At the center and on both the side of this item, the yellow in color gems are festooned named, Citrine. The neck part of this man is also decorated with various colorful gems named, onyx, garnet, blue topaz and purple amethyst.

Coral Men's Face Pendant-3

A splendid piece of white coral men’s face pendant is made with sterling silver. The silver patterns designed on the outer sides are also raising the beauty of this jewel piece. Various pieces of vibrant gemstones embellished on the outer part of this article named, peridot, garnet, blue topaz and amethyst are increasing the glamorous gaze of it.

Coral Men's Face Pendant-4

A riveting sterling silver pendant styled in men’s face is made with white-hued coral gem piece. On its side parts, the beautiful shapes are carved which is making this item more appealing. Some of the green, blue, red and yellow colored gem pieces are decorating it named, peridot, blue topaz, garnet, and citrine correspondingly.

Coral Men's Face Pendant-7

An impressive piece of pendant designed in men’s face is made with white coral gemstone will look splendid on you. On the neck of this man, beautiful crafting is done adorned with alluring purple colored gemstones named, amethyst.

Coral Men's Face Pendant-8

An engrossing sterling silver pendant is looking fascinating as shaped in men’s face by white coral gemstone. On its head and side parts, some cute patterns are crafted and decorated with brilliant gems named, peridot, amethyst, blue topaz and garnet.

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