Tanzanite – A Stone of Mutation

Known as a Stone of Transformation, Tanzanite stone shifts from the lilac-blue hue to sapphire blue and too into dark blue-violet.

Tanzanite Gemstone Image

Mostly worn as a jewel piece, Tanzanite resides inside the auric field of its carrier and attracts his consciousness towards a static higher state. Moreover, it allows the qualities of the positive self-awakening to come towards the others who hold the caliber to witness the beauty of this dazzling charm.

Apart from this, Tanzanite assists in sharing the spiritual knowledge and information from the perception of the heart-center. This makes it an excellent gem piece for the counselors and others who find themselves the position of the intellectually inferring of the emotional experiences.

Tanzanite also proves to be beneficial for the beings that form the clarifications of the sensitive information they get innately. Titles as a workplace charm, Tanzanite clutches the soothing and calming features. Practically, this fascinating gemstone bestows perfect solutions to the problems that are hard to get resolved. For a career change, you may use this boulder jewel.

Where is Tanzanite found?

Relatively costly and rare, Tanzanite occurs in a sole place on this earth, the Merelani Hills that stands in Tanzania in the eastern part of Africa.

Tanzanite Color

Tanzanite ranges in various pleasing hues from the darker shade of ultramarine blue to lighter tint of violet-blue.

Tanzanite, a Natural Birthstone

The bluish shade of Tanzanite is a natural birthstone for the one who took birth between 19 February and 19 March.

The indigo touch of the same gem piece is the best natural birthstone for the people who were born between 20 January and 18 February.

The violet color of Tanzanite is a perfect natural birthstone for the one who came on this earth between 21 December and 19 January.

Tanzanite, Not a Zodiac Stone

However, being one of the best precious gemstones, Tanzanite is not associated with any of the zodiac sign. But for the Aries and Pisces people, this enthralling gem proves to be soothing as it exhibits its unbeatable iridescence and sparkle into them.

Benefits of Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite is an effective gemstone for treating various psychological diseases, nervous tension, and stress. It is too an excellent talisman for curing the problem of the excessive sweating. It may also relieve its owner from headaches and migraine. It aids is curing the chronic alcoholism.

Tanzanite is also known for stimulating the Crown, Throat and Third Eye Chakra of its wearer.

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