Month: January 2016

Topaz, Stone of Good Fortune and Success

Topaz Healing Properties

Spiritually, Topaz stone is endorsed for its appetizing, styptic and cooling effect. It is too supposed to ward off the nocturnal fears, anger and sadness of its wearer. Topaz too warns its owner of the poisons and acts as a Read more…

4 Fascinating Coral Looks, You would Love to try them out

Coral Look 1

Coral gemstone, stands out in a crowd with its dazzling red shiny hue, is loved by gorgeous females. Most of you might be missing a complete Coral look which you may try in the upcoming event. In this rush, it Read more…

A Complete Wedding Jewelry Gift Guide – Part II

Men Pen

Wedding Jewelry Gifts from Bride to Groom With the time traditions also come along the people and their mentality. But, it’s not important to follow them just because it exists. You should talk with your fiancé first to be sure Read more…

Topaz, a Great Gemstone for Finding True Love

Topaz Gemstone

Stands for a true constancy, faithfulness, loyalty and friendship, Topaz gemstone are a well-known semi-precious charm which is employed for its best properties worldwide. By a belief of the Greeks, Topaz is said to make the person invisible who carries Read more…

A Dazzling Marine Life Jewelry Collection

Marine Life Jewelry Collection

Style In Silver, a leading sterling silver jewelry store on eBay is too reputed for its Marine Life Jewelry Collection. The artistic minds of the jewelry designer over here have been creating fantastic marine life themed jewelry well embellished with Read more…