5 Useful Tips to Preserve Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

We all are fond of fascinating silver jewelry, trendy and alluring to wear. We love donning it as per the theme of the occasion.

Silver Jewelry

You have got various options too like cuff, chain bracelet, chandelier ear pieces, pendant necklace, and the cocktail ring to match with your attire.

As the jewel pieces enhance our enticing gape, these too require to get preserved, to maintain its long-lasting gaze. So, here is a fantastic guide that will teach you how to take care and pamper your dazzling silver jewels.

  • Keep your silver jewelry clean

Don't apply chemical cosmetics

To keep your jewelry shine and gleaming always, you should keep it clean. Do not apply any cosmetic product after wearing your jewelry as these contain chemicals that may harm its luster. These may too accelerate the tarnishing of it. Even try to put off your jewels before washing your hands with soaps.

  • Wear your silver jewelry occasionally

Wear your silver jewelry occasionally

Like us, our jewelry also requires a break at the time. It’s not like that you can’t wear your silver jewelry every day but it will be good for the health of your jewels if worn occasionally. For a long life of your ornaments, change it with your costumes. A change leads to a better end.

  • Remove your silver jewelry when not in use

Remove your silver jewelry when not in use

With the end of the day, you should put off your sterling silver jewelry. Before going to sleep remove your jewels as it may damage your items. Apart from this, the charms may harm your skin as may leave your skin scratched. Moreover, before going to pool don’t wear your jewels as the chemical water usually hurt them.

  • After putting off your jewels, clean them

After putting of your jewels, clean them

It’s not like you should clean your jewels before wearing but too after removing them. This seems to be extra work, but it’s good for your silver jewelry. Sweat too accelerates the oxidation of the jewels. Clean them with a soft cloth to remove the unwanted dirt. Avoid cleaners for cleaning as these may contain ammonia, vinegar or alcohol that may affect your silver jewels.

  • Store your silver jewelry carefully

Store your silver jewelry carefully

The jewels should be stored individually as this prevents breakage, chain knots, chipping, and tarnishing. Velvet pouches or cotton one may too be a good choice. Don’t keep your jewels loose in your drawer. If you have a separate jewelry box and the large one, its perfect just go for it, otherwise you may try another one.

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