Ruby, the Queen of Stones

A Stone of Dignity, Ruby is fascinating and sizzling which is considered as one of the most elegant charms, the queen of stones.

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is cherished by rulers and the superior beings. One of the most precious gemstones, Ruby is known for its hardness, monetary value, and rarity.

You may carry Ruby gem to overcome the lethargy and exhaustion. It too stimulates the circulation and enhances the vitality and power towards the entire system. For the irritable and highly sensitive people, this talisman will not prove to be suitable as they will feel uncomfortable and over stimulating. Known for calming the hyperactivity Ruby is employed by various individuals.

Where is Ruby Found?

Historically, Ruby is mined in various countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Afghanistan and Cambodia. The lighter tints of Ruby that is too known as pink sapphire is chiefly mined in Sri Lanka. Later on after World War II, the deposits of Ruby were found in Tajikistan, Nepal, Madagascar, Vietnam and Tanzania.

Ruby Color

The shade of color ranges from crimson to the blood red. It is a variety of corundum or aluminum oxide.

Ruby, a Natural Birthstone

With the red hue, Ruby is a natural birthstone for the one who was born between the month of October and November. The red charms attract the power, love, passion and courage.

Ruby, Zodiac Stone for Capricorn

The one who is born under the sign of Capricorn will get all the benefits of it.

Benefits of Ruby

Ruby assists in reducing the fear of evil and supernatural powers. It too reduces the nightmares and guards the owner against the psychological and psychic attack. This talisman is a shielding gemstone that protects the home from the intruders and fire.

The intense energy of Ruby polishes the wearer’s mind attracts the heightened awareness and the excellent concentration. It also promotes the energetic attitude and may also enhance one’s disputes and controversies.

An aphrodisiac, Ruby allows its carrier to experience all types of love, from the wild sensuality to the mystical communion. It too deepens the relationship between the couples and motivates the commitment and closeness.

The Stone of Courteous Love, Ruby honors the admiration. When worn during the lovemaking, Ruby aids in maintaining and restoring the passion. It is too an excellent talisman that increases the conception chances.

Ruby also helps in linking the field of energy towards the Earth to refill the energy stores. It is a good talisman that grounds and overcomes the mental overload. It too supports during the stress times.

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