Ruby, the Best Healing Charm Ever

In ancient India, Ruby, a fascinating red colored charm was a gem piece of the supreme beings and the emperors.


Ruby was believed to append the glamor and allure to the lives of the royals. In fact, about 200 years ago, Ruby was considered as India because of its luxury and splendor of the power.

Ruby holds the class of the precious gemstones and is much admired for its ultimate beauty and active healing properties. Today, we will check out some of the best healing properties of this bewitching charm.

Physical Healing Properties

Ruby, useful for detoxifying the lymph, blood, and body of its wearer, it is also helpful in treating the infections and fever. It also stimulates the spleen, kidneys and adrenals of its wearer. Moreover, this gorgeous gemstone is said to assist when the energy flow or the circulation is inadequate in the legs and feet.

Ruby is also employed to help in the regulation of owner’s weight, specifically when the big cause is the emotional eating. Being both lab-created and natural, Ruby is highly admired for its use in the technologies in the areas like microscopic surgery, medical instruments, and watchmaking.

Emotional Healing Properties

Ruby protects and sustains the people who have the sensitive natures and misleading views for others and themselves too. It makes the person capable of overcoming his fears of being unloved or ugly. It is particularly used for the one who clutches excess weight in his body to ground inside this physical world.

Ruby too releases the destructive emotional holds and is believed to be an energetic gemstone for arousing more loving behavior towards the others and oneself.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

Ruby keeps the frequency of the progressive Base Chakra and simulates the flow of the life force power through the owner’s body. It makes its carrier more powerful so that he may meet his needs and makes the desires of one come right. It is also powerful for activating the Kundalini of its wearer.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Ruby attracts the light towards the darkness of its owner’s life. It motivates the “following your harmony” teaching to its owner so that he may enjoy in this physical world and may receive the spiritual power that exists through the empire of the matter. It bestows the lessons in the grasping the transfer of the intent and thought into the physical manifestation to change the world of its wearer.

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