How to Remove Tarnish from Pearl Silver Jewelry

Sterling pearl silver jewelry looks awesome when are shining, sparkling and gleaming. Tarnish does not cover the silver jewels unnecessarily.

Sapphire Sterling Silver Ring.JPG

Some reasons cause it appearing. Its regular use may build tarnish on it. This tarnish may be caused due to household chemicals, chlorinated water, and other cosmetic items. So, its regular cleaning is necessary as Tarnish is easy to remove on its first appearance.

Remove Tarnish from Sterling Silver Jewelry

When it comes to Pearl embellished sterling silver jewelry, the situation becomes quite tricky as a pearl is too delicate to handle baking soda, toothpaste, and polish. Moreover, it too does not tolerate the heat. To remove tarnish from the silver metal best deal of pressure is required along with the polishing cloth. So, these methods are not going to work anymore in this case.

Things Required

Now, we will try another way and for that we will need some things:

  • Baby shampoo (as it will be mild one)
  • Extra soft toothbrush (as it will not be too hard on the pearl)
  • Two soft pieces of clothes

Steps to be taken

Here are some steps that you need to follow to remove tarnish:

  • First of all, set the area of polishing at room temperature.
  • Next, take some baby shampoo in a container that should be big enough to hold the jewelry to be polished. Baby shampoo is made mild without any chemicals; that’s why to treat the pearl jewels for removing tarnish it is used.
  • After that, dip your jewelry pieces into the container containing shampoo.
  • Leave it for few minutes so that the tarnish may get affected.
  • Now, rub gently the area where tarnish is built with the help of a soft toothbrush. The soft brush will not be too hard on the pearl jewelry that’s why it is chosen. Continue this process until you witness the tarnish getting disappeared from it.
  • Next, with the soft cloth piece, wipe off the jewelry but with a light pressure that will remove remaining tarnish that might be severe enough to get detached from the previous steps.
  • Rinse the jewelry and dry it gently with another soft cloth. Repeat the same process for about five to six times in case of heavy tarnish.

So, try these steps one by one and make your pearl engraved silver jewels free from tarnish and bring them that lost shine and sparkle again which belongs to them.

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