Garnet – A Lucky Stone for Love

An incredible gemstone that is dark red and alluring and is used for decorating the jewels is nothing but Garnet, a semi-precious gemstone.

Garnet Gemstone

Garnet not only appears in a red hue but also in the other shades that a rainbow holds. The stones that are from the silicate family and used as a semi-precious gem piece is garnet.  By the term “Garnet”, the experts mean that it is a team of more than ten charms with almost the same chemical composition.

Where is Garnet found?

In today’s era, the largest supplier garnet in this whole world is Africa. There are other sources too where you may find the mines of this bewitching gemstone like Soviet Union, Brazil, India, and the USA.

Garnet Color

There are distinctive looks of Garnet that reveals dazzling hues of it and each one belongs to the family of similar worlds of minerals that includes almandine (reddish to violet-red), Andradite (black, brown, yellowish-green or colorless), grossular (black, orange, yellow, yellowish-green, brownish-red or white), pyrope (dark red) and Spessartine (orange to reddish-brown, yellow or rose.

Garnet, a Natural Birthstone

In various places, Garnet is believed to be a birthstone for the one who is born in the month of January. So, the January born beings may carry this fascinating red colored gemstone and may take the advantages of its beneficial properties.

Garnet – Zodiac Stone for Aries, Leo, and Virgo

Garnet is linked with a planet, Mars. It is too supposed to be good for the people who falls under three zodiac signs – Aries, Leo or Virgo. So, if you are one of these, seek an advice from your astrologer to get the benefits from it.

Garnet Benefits

Considered as an influential advisor, Garnet balances the system of energy and advocates the attitude of its wearer. It is also believed to avoid the insecurity and fear of the emotional strife and too of the money loss.

A fortunate stone for the success and love, this red tint gemstone aids in fulfilling the desires of its carrier. In fact, most of the beings wear this gem to earn the name, fame and positivity in a group.

. This is a lucky stone for love, success, and fulfilling desires. Garnet can be worn to increase the popularity and positivity amongst others.

Whispered to be a best curer of diseases, Garnet treats cellular disorders, spinal problems, inflammatory diseases and thyroid.

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