How to Remove Scratches from Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver contains 92.5 percent of pure silver that makes it more precious and valuable as compared to that of simple jewel piece plated with silver.

How to Remove Scratches from Sterling Silver Jewelry

Like all the other metals, sterling silver is attacked by tarnish which leads to scratches when used much. Sterling silver needs to get buffed and polished to restore the original luster of it. You may too remove the scratches from your silver jewelry even at home. It’s not like that you may too get rid of deep gouges and scratches by yourself as for this you would require the help of a professional. He will perform the glossing and polishing of your silver in a vigorous manner to bring its original sheen again.

So now, for getting rid of normal and easily removable tarnish at home, we will be needed to follow some steps as mentioned below.

Things Required

Before, getting started, we some of the things that are necessary for this process are as follows:

  • Baking Soda
  • Polished piece of cloth or a soft cloth of cotton
  • Water

Steps to be taken

Now, we will start the process to take off the tarnish from your sterling silver jewelry:

  • Start with taking a tablespoon full of baking soda and mix it with few drops of water. Blend it until a thick paste is formed. Make sure that you shouldn’t leave baking soda grainy before using.
  • Now, take a pure cotton cloth or a piece of polishing cloth and with the help of it apply the paste of baking soda on your sterling silver jewelry.
  • Next, rub that paste vigorously on your jewel piece till the shine start getting appeared on it.
  • Then, check again whether scratches have left your jewel or become faded or not.
  • Now, wipe off your polished silver item using a clean, piece of polished cloth of cotton one.
  • If you find scratches still on that jewel piece, repeat Step 2 until the scratches says good bye.

This is how your sterling silver jewelry item will get its lost gleam and sparkling shine again. But still if the scratches are seen on the silver piece then you may take it to a jeweler or any jewel repair specialist. He will make use of a special machine of polishing to remove some of the metal from your jewel which will then cover up the scratches.

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