Topaz, a Great Gemstone for Finding True Love

Stands for a true constancy, faithfulness, loyalty and friendship, Topaz gemstone are a well-known semi-precious charm which is employed for its best properties worldwide.

Topaz Gemstone

By a belief of the Greeks, Topaz is said to make the person invisible who carries it. During the time of the Middle Ages, the beings used to employ this beguiling gem piece to prevent their death. It is too accepted for finding a true love for its owner.

Being durable and too hard, Topaz is not seen to be dissolved in most of the chemical solvents. However, the cleavage of this fascinating charm is perfect that makes it likely to be cut into pieces if beaten hard.

A pleochroic gemstone, Topaz varies in the intensity of its hues when it is being viewed from perfect angles. Because of this nature and its good cleavage, Topaz is pampered comparatively more when it is being faceted.

Where is Topaz found?

Brazil is considered as the largest and best producer of Topaz. In fact, there are other places too in this world where you may find Topaz gemstones like US, Mexico, Australia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Madagascar, Nigeria, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Burma, China, India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The major places of US where Topaz is found are New Hemisphere, California, and Utah.

Topaz Color

 A perfect hard gemstone with a pleasing array of various colors, Topaz gem piece clutches a fame of a classic charm. Moreover, this alluring gemstone has surpassed many gemstones because of its unbeatable properties of abundance, affordability and wears ability. Belonging to a silicate mineral family, it too comprised of aluminum and fluorine.

Topaz is available in various vibrant hues like pink, red, blue, lighter shade of blue, green, flax, sometimes colorless, brown, yellowish-brown, yellow, and honey-yellow. When it is viewed, it exhibits a shape of a prism. The most common color in which this bewitching charm is easily found is Yellow.

Topaz, Natural Birthstone

The one who wants to take the benefits of the best healing properties of Topaz and have their birth dates in the month of November may try this gemstone. This gem piece treats the November-born people effectively.

Topaz, Zodiac Stone for Sagittarius

The one who lies under the Zodiac sign, Sagittarius may too carry this dazzling gemstone as it is the best Zodiac Charm for Sagittarius beings.

Benefits of Topaz

Believed to embrace the power of balancing the emotions, Topaz is too admired for calming the desires of its wearer. It makes the person free from all kinds of tensions and offers him the feeling of happiness and delight.

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