Amethyst – A Stone of Artists

A unique and fascinating purple-hued gemstone, Amethyst is found much in quantity with the other charms in India by the goodwill of Mother Nature. It is one of the most affordable gemstones which are more intense.

Amethyst Gemstone

Deeper, the color of this charm, goes, more costly it becomes. It’s better to keep a cluster or a small piece of amethyst ay your office, shop or home as it attracts the positive vibrations in its ambiance.

With the caliber of expanding the wearer’s higher mind, Amethyst raises his passion and creativity. Moreover, this enthralling gem piece makes the intuitive power and imagination stronger and too refines the owner’s thinking process. It aids in the adaption of the new ideas, putting the thoughts into the action and brings the projects to culmination. It is a charm of success and focus.

Considered as a wonderful talisman, Amethyst is used in the artistic works, especially its darker shades. It helps the actions where the original and new results required taking birth using the methods and tools of the past.

Whispered as a Stone of Artist, Composer, Inventor, Painter and Poet, this crystal is kept in the areas where it comes in focus to amplify the imaginative elements.

Where is Amethyst found?        

Most of the varieties of Amethyst are found in Brazil and Uruguay, and some come from the USA, Canada, and South Korea. The major source of this elegant charm is Brazil. The highest and finest quality of it is too found in Russia.

Amethyst Color

Amethyst is produced in various vibrant colors that range from a lighter shade of mauve to lavender to darker tint of purple.

Amethyst, a Natural Birthstone

Amethyst is the best natural birthstone for the people who took birth welcoming the winter in the month of November and December. Amethyst gems bring the insight, knowledge, perception and creativity towards the one who carries it.

Amethyst, a Zodiac Stone of Pisces

The beings with a Zodiac Sign, Pisces may enjoy the benefits of Amethyst. You may too first seek advice from your astrologer to be doubly sure.

Benefits of Amethyst

Well composed of the healing powers, Amethyst aids with the physical disorders, emotional problems, and balances the Chakras. The therapies that are carried using Amethyst gemstone are linked with the physical diseases of the nervous system, treatment of insomnia and nightmares and balancing the Crown Chakra.

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