4 Eco-friendly Green Emerald Looks, You would Get Attracted Towards

The green color stands for nature and symbolizes the freshness, harmony, and growth. It is too commonly associated with the money. This is a traditional belief about the green color. You won’t believe that green is becoming a choice for reputed stylists too.

In today’s fashion, the green looks are in trend. In fact, the top designers are picking the green shades in their designer patterns that speak of an eco-friendly natural feel.

Today, we are here presenting exotic four green emerald looks that you can’t resist. All these looks will include a fascinating dress, a riveting clutch, a gorgeous pair of heels and a jewelry piece that will save your selection time for the party tonight.

Green Emerald Look 1

Emerald Look 1

Spot out this enthralling long and stylish dress. It is touching the floor with an off-shoulder motif. The legs are too peeping from it that will offer you a sexy gape. You may complement it with a snake stamped similar hued clutch with a golden touch. A matching pair of stylish heeled shoes would too magnetize your attention. Apart from this, a harmonizing neck piece is too appended to this look which is embellished with round shaped emerald gemstone. The sleek designs that are carved all around the charm with sterling silver are too looking fabulous.

Green Emerald Look 2

Emerald Look 2

Check out our next lovely green emerald look with a short, knee touching couture outfit with a V-neck. The sequined touch is given to it which is raising its opulent gawk. An apple shaped clutch with a golden chain will go well with this look. A harmonizing pair of shimmering green hued heels is also added. To give you a beautiful gaze, a sterling silver, emerald embossed, piece of the pendant is too given.

Green Emerald Look 3

Emerald Look 3

Next, we have come along with a sequined green colored long gown with a peeping leg pattern. A sweetheart shape of it is too looking amazing. A similar look sparkling green clutch will look elegant with this look. A pair of pencil heel with a peeping foot is also appended. To give you an appealing look, a stylish piece of sterling silver glistening pendant is also there which is designed in a heart shape.

Green Emerald Look 4

Emerald Look 4

Last but not the least, a full-sleeves, neck decorated dress is there that you may pair with a glass look similar hued clutch. A frilled pair of a heel is too added to complement this look. With it, you may try a stunning piece of an emerald green pendant.

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