Rose Day Special Jewelry Collection

Rose Day, the first day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on 7th of February every year not only by the youth but too by all age group people who wish to.

Rose Day Special Jewelry Collection

It is the event of the western culture but today we can see that the celebration of this beautiful day has started all over the world.

On the lovely day of Rose Day, the beings gift a red rose to their beloved expressing their love and gratitude towards each other that would be last forever. Gifting a rose too reveals the feelings of the heart which are deep for your loved ones that speak everything without uttering a single word.

Today, we are here representing an exclusive collection of Rose Day Special Jewelry Collection by Style-In-Silver store on eBay, each piece of which will leave you astonished ever.

Red Enamel Flower Ring

The first one is red enamel, flower shaped ring which is made of sterling silver. To enhance its opulent gape, some colorful shapes are also carved that are looking amazing. Some pieces of marcasite gems are also engraved on it that are shimmering all over it.

Red Coral Dangle Flower Earrings

Next come a pair of fascinating sterling silver dangle earrings that are embellished with red-hued coral gemstones. The floral motif that is given to this alluring pair is looking fabulous. You may pair it with your special rose day special outfit; it will go well.

Red Coral Enamel Flower Pendant

Now, let’s check out a lovely piece of pendant made with sterling silver and designed with a flower pattern. All over it to give it a gorgeous look, the red color enamel is decorated which is merely looking elegant. You may try it with your off-shoulder, long couture gown you would cover the entire limelight of the party.

Colorful Flower Ring

Now, the turn is of a riveting piece of ring styled in a cluster of flowers pattern. The bright touch is given to this finger piece by applying colorful enamel on it. To give a sparkling gaze, some marcasite gems are too embossed.

Red Ruby Flower Pendanrt

Next, to celebrate the rose day in a unique way, you may gift your lady an attractive neck piece again made with sterling silver. The flower shape which is given to this piece is raising its beauty. At the center of it, a piece of red color, ruby gem piece is festooned which is looking engrossing.

Red Pink Enamel Flower Ring

Last, but not the least, presenting you a sterling silver floral ring which will make her happy. A girlish tint is given to this alluring piece by applying red and pinkish enamel. Some marcasite gemstones are too stamped that is increasing its ultimate gawk.

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