Propose Day Special Jewelry Collection

Propose Day, the second day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on 8th of February every year with great zeal and enthusiasm by the couples and all age group beings.

Propose Day Jewelry Collection

Today also in the western culture it is celebrated in a traditional way, but there are many parts of this world where this day is celebrated in a modern way. However, the style of the party may get altered, but the meaning of it will always remain the same.

The couples and youth, on this grand Propose Day party in their style in which they feel joy and happiness. The lovers opt for various traditional as well as new ways to impress their partners. They propose each other to show their affection and love that was hidden deep in their heart, and they were trying so far to utter. They ask the permission to hold their hand forever without “no complaints and demands.”

Today, we are presenting a new way to propose your Valentine in more exciting fashion. Here we will down the curtain from a fascinating Propose Day Special Jewelry Collection by Style-In-Silver store on eBay.

Red Enamel Band Ring

Let’s start with a piece of sterling silver band ring which is revealing its red hue that is given by decorating red enamel on it. Some floral patterns are also designed for it that are looking gorgeous. Some pieces of marcasite gems are also festooned with it.

Stackable Seven Band Ring

Next come, a bundle of a ring, a stackable seven ring that is hammered to form a group. It is made with shining white sterling silver which will enhance the beauty of your hand. It will become a center of attraction in the event.

Wide Spiral Fligree Swirl Band Ring

Now, let’s check out, a piece of sterling silver wide band ring which is given spiral filigree swirl pattern that will take off her heart. As per the today’s fashion, many females are fond of art deco patterns; they love to try these shapes, so this one will prove to be special for her.

Red Coral Band ring

Spot out this piece of band ring which is made of sterling silver. Three red colored gemstones are embellished at the center of this ring named, coral are looking incredible. The girls who love to don gemstone decorated jewels are going to admire its beauty.

Cuff Cigar Band Ring

Another, designer piece of ring made of silver will take her high. A cuff cigar shape is given to this piece which is unique and will lift her apart from the crowd.

Blue Blister Pearl Enamel Band Ring

The last one is a blue colored sterling silver ring which is adorned with blue color blister pearl enamel. It is styled in band pattern which is going to be her favorite piece.

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