Teddy Day Special Jewelry Collection

Teddy Day, the fourth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on 10th of February every year with great joy and zeal.

Teddy Day Special Jewelry Collection

This day has become an international event that was only the member of a Western culture in the past.

On this particular day, the youths and couples gifts their loved one a charming and cute teddy bear or a soft toy showing pampering nature towards them. The soft toys whether it’s a teddy bear or any other animal is liked by every female whether she is a girl or women.

Today, we have also arrived with a Teddy Day Special Jewelry Collection from the House of Silver-In-Style on eBay. You are not only going to admire but would love to try these jewels.

Cat Face Pendant

Starting with a cat’s face pendant which is styled in an amazing way, it reveals an innovative talent of the artists. It is made of sterling silver material. This type of jewelry item will take off her pumping heart, and she will start falling in love with this.

Next is the turn of two alike designed sterling silver pendants, exhibiting a lovely motif of a charming a cat showing her love for you. On these two orange and green colored gemstones are engraved separately named, orange Baltic Amber and Green Jade respectively.

Now, welcome a set of sterling silver pendant and a lovely pair of earrings designed in cat’s motif. Each piece is showing off a red shade that is given by applying red coral enamel on them. These pieces are looking so cute that she would love to make them a part of her jewelry box.

Green Chalcedony Cat or Teddy Bear Earrings

To reduce your selection time, we are presenting a sweet pair of dangle cat earrings that you may match with a charming green cat pendant (above). On these jewels, two green color gems are stamped named, green chalcedony.

Black Onyx Enamel Cat or Teddy Bear Pendant

Spot out this stylish and stunning piece of cat pendant which is given a black hue by decorating onyx black enamel on it. This piece is too made with sterling silver. You may pair it with your matching black outfit with a wide neck style.

Green Malachite Cat or Teddy Earrings

Next turn is of a blue cat motif pendant which is given a green tint by festooning malachite gemstone on it.

Blue Lapis Lazuli Cat or Teddy Bear Pendant

The last one is a blue colored cat shaped pendant which is too made with sterling silver. The blue color is given by applying blue colored Lapis Lazuli enamel on it.

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