Promise Day Special Jewelry Collection

Promise Day, the fifth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated every year on 11th of February all over this world by youth, couples, and other age group beings.


Being one of the special days of this romantic week, Promise Day is celebrated by giving a pious and true promise to each other for forever love and adoration.

All the Love need is affection, care, and promise that should be last forever. This particular day is made for the purpose of giving promise to the loved ones of true love throughout the lifespan and even after death. It attracts the satisfaction and innovation to the life of the couples. They feel more affectionate and responsible towards their beloved.

Along with a long-lasting promise, a unique gift is too bestowed to the loved ones showing gratitude towards them. Here, we have come up today with some gorgeous jewelry pieces from the store Silver-In-Style on eBay that won’t let you down on this particular day of Valentine’s week.

Claddagh Pendant

Starting with a glamorous piece of pendant made with sterling silver revealing a motif of promise named, Claddagh. It is showing two hands gifting a lovely heart to each other.

Turquoise Heart Ring

Next is a fascinating piece of Turquoise ring which is designed in a lovely way with a heart pattern. One more shimmering heart is too stamped on it which is looking fabulous.

Swirl Heart Dangle Earrings

Now, check out a riveting pair of sterling silver earrings designed in an appealing way exhibiting a pattern of swirl hearts that will look amazing dangling in your ears.

Blue Pearl Heart Pendant

Spot out this charming neck piece engraved with a cute blue pearl gemstone on which three small shaped of hearts are styled. This piece will take off your heart.

Pearl White Topaz Ring

Let’s welcome a queen ring made with sterling silver and styled in an impressive design. A peaceful piece of white pearl is too engraved with some sparkling with topaz gems.

Honey Bee Hive Design Heart Earrings

Next turn is of some designer pieces, an elegant pair of dangle earrings designed in a honey bee hive pattern. This is going to make you stand apart uniquely from the crowd at the party tonight.

Onyx Enamel Heart Pendant

Now check out this piece of an sterling silver ring which is given enchanting motif. The black hue is provided by applying onyx black enamel on it. This article is revealing its promising attitude by various lovely shapes of heart.

Australian Blue fire Opal Heart Studs

Next is a fairy tale piece, styled in heart pattern which is adorned with appealing charms of Australian blue fire opal gemstones. A glistening touch is too given to this pair with some alluring topaz gems.

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