Hug Day Special Jewelry Collection

Hug day, the seventh day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated with happiness and enthusiasm on 13th of February every year by the youths, couples, and the other age group people.

Hug Day Special Jewelry Collection

Though it is a member of Western culture since the past whereas for many years, this fabulous day is celebrated with the same feel all over this world.

On this day, the couples, friends, relatives and other beings holding a bond with each other celebrate this day by giving a tight hug full of love and affection. This is a unique way which is being followed since years to show your care and love to your beloved.

Most of the people believe that hug is not just enough to offer a comforted touch, something more should be done. For this, they choose a special gift dear to their loved ones. So, keeping the track of your feelings, we are presenting you a Hug Day Special Jewelry Collection from the store of Silver-In-Style on eBay that will help you out to make someone feel on the top of this world.

Cup Cake Heart Pearl Pendant

The cup cakes are the favorite and common choice of every female. So, keeping this in mind we have come up with a gorgeous piece of a sterling silver pendant that is too styled in a cup cake motif. It is well decorated with colorful enamels that are offering a real gape to it. Some pieces of pearl are also embellished on it that are enhancing its fascinating look.

Topaz Heart Ring

Glitters always attract the “we” beings. So, here comes a glamorous sterling silver ring specially designed in heart pattern. It is well adorned with various charms of white hued topaz gemstones which are making it shimmering.

Black Onyx Enamel Heart Pendant

Next is the turn of a riveting neck piece, made with sterling silver which is too given a contour of dual hearts. This time the hearts are given a black shade that is also the choice of many people. The black onyx enamel is applied on this piece which is raising its beauty.

Orange Baltic Amber Earrings

Now, welcome a sumptuous pair of dangle earrings again made with sterling silver material. These are styled in heart patterns that are engraved with orange colored Baltic Amber gem pieces.

Coral Heart Ring

Last one is a red hued sterling silver finger piece which is festooned with red coral gemstone at its center. On its remaining part, the glistening touch is given by some sparkling topaz gemstones.

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