5 Different Types of Necklaces You Need to Know

Want to boost up your style? Let’s check out types of statement necklaces that would give flair to your attire. To make a definite statement, a gorgeous necklace will work. We are here with numerous styles of necklaces for you gals that you may opt for flattering yourself and make the heads turn.

  • Choker

Choker Necklace

Hey, gals! You will glad to know choker has again made a great comeback. This season even the ramp of the red carpet is doing a grand appearance of this exquisite motif. This pattern nap snuggly all around the neck. These bold and sleek goodies made in sterling silver or gold offer a lure touch to the females.

Choker necklaces look damn hot when paired with a glamorous evening gown. In fact, you may don it with a couple of tee and jeans for offering a hotness dose.

  • Bib Necklaces

Bib Necklace

This motif seems like we are choosing the style inspiration from the toddlers for now. The bib neck pieces hold various layers of beads and bling one after other that drop downwards in a falling way on the collar bone that bestows a sizzle gawk.

Bib style looks more bewitching when worn with simple neck designed outfits so for this a strapless gown will go well.

  • Multi Layered Chain Necklace

Multi Layered Necklace

To give birth to an ultimate funk gaze, the multi-layered chain neck pieces works amazingly on women. By uniting the overlapping layers, the chunky necklaces provides a fascinating collar effect.

To make your chain necklace go glam, wear it with a plain outfit.

  • Pendant Necklaces

Pendant Necklace

The pendants that dangle down from the delicate chains hold a high space on the hotness scale. When these get layered with the precious and brilliant gemstones, this style looks mesmerizing. The pattern of these pendant neck pieces may be bold or small, but these attract the oomph factor to all types of outfits.

  • Tassel Necklace

Tassel Necklace

The word “tassels” in the town indicates hotness and most of the females get obsessed over these. You may try them out on any dress in summer. Tassel may be kept in the middle or at the center as this depends on the top you are wearing and too on your bold look.

To give a riveting gape to yourself, you may don the tassel necklaces with a top which is patterned as this appends dimension to it.

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