Exclusive Collection of Peacock Jewelry

Today with the changing trend, the designs of the jewelry items are to getting fluctuating.


In fact, along with the females, the males are also putting their fingers on the jewels styled in creatures’ pattern. These motifs may be of animals or birds. Moreover, the marine life jewelry is also in fashion today.

Here we have come up with a fascinating collection of jewels designed in a peacock pattern. Let’s check out some gorgeous pieces made of sterling silver expressing a peacock form.

Ruby emerald Peacock Pendant

Spot out this enthralling piece of pendant made of 925 sterling silver. It is revealing off its glamorous peacock shape which is taking us to the world of traditional jewels. To enhance the opulent gaze of it, some gaudy pieces of ruby and emerald gemstones are embellished along with the striking marcasite gems.

Red Sponge coral Enamel Peacock Ring

Now, let’s welcome a bewitching piece of the ring too revealing off its beautiful peacock design. On its band part, some lovely shapes are carved with sterling silver that is raising an elegant gape of it. A red hue is too applied to it by red sponge coral enamel.

Turquoise Enamel Peacock Chell Pendant

Next comes, a riveting neckpiece designed in a creative way. A shape of a peacock is being exhibited from it which is styled in a shell motif. A touch of sky color is too given to it by applying turquoise enamel. It is too made of sterling silver.

Australian Opal Marcasite Peacock Ring

Peacock, the most alluring bird ever which is known for its appealing beauty is too designed in a distinctive pattern on the precious jewels. So, let’s check out a beguiling finger piece styled with a shape o peacock on it. At its centre, some dazzling crystals of Australian opal are engraved that are looking incredible. On its rest of the parts, some marcasite gems are festooned that are given a sparkling gawk to it.

The last one is a set of peacock defined jewels including a fabulous neck piece and a gleaming pair of dangle earrings. These items are given a lovely green touch with the charming green colored turquoise enamel. Between the wings of this mesmerizing creature, some flowers are also carved that are looking marvellous. This hypnotic set of jewels will lessen up your selection time for matching jewelry items.

So, try out all the glistening peacock jewels today by pairing them with toning attire and accessories and make the heads and too the eyes turn to the party tonight.

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