Labradorite – A Magical Stone Ever

An unusual mineral basically, Labradorite gemstone reveals its vibrant hues of various shades that are the result of the internal fractures that are caused within it.

Labradorite Gemstone

This shows off the lighter black tint with an illusion that the charm is having fun with the rainbow of colors that it holds. Popularly this effect is whispered as Labradorescence.

A stone of magical powers, Labradorite is believed to clutch mystical habits. It aids in awakening the exquisite and magical abilities along with the intuitive powers within the wearer.

Where is Labradorite found?

Labradorite, the tag of this stone arrives from the place where it was first originated, that is at Labrador in Canada. It is too found in various other parts of this world like the USA, Mexico, Scandinavia, Madagascar, Russia, Finland and Greenland. The gem piece which is found in Finland is known as Spectrolite. To an extent it is different and exhibits the full range of the hues.

Labradorite Color

 A feldspar mineral, Labradorite originates in various hues, like yellow, blue, green, brown, green and colorless sometimes.

Labradorite, a Natural Birthstone

The blue color of Labradorite gemstone is the best natural birthstone for the one who born in the month of February and March. This is the exact time when the new life is about to burst and the trust and faith gets its new existence. The blue hued gems attract the respect and patience towards its wearer.

Labradorite, not associated with Zodiac Sign

However, Labradorite is not connected with any of the Zodiac Signs but if you want to believe its features or like to try it out then you may seek an advice from your astrologer. He will find a new and beneficial way for your life ahead.

Benefits of Labradorite

The negative side of the owner’s personality gets tempered by Labradorite gemstone. The actions and characteristics that mug the power of the being and produce shame or depression get off the court by this fascinating charm. It also helps in alleviating the impulsive attitude, recklessness or anti-social behavior in adults, teenagers and children. It may assist in detoxification of the alcohol and tobacco effects.

Carrying or wearing this enthralling gemstone Labradorite, one gets the permission to arouse his inner magical energy towards the surface. It too increases the intuitive and mental abilities of coincidence control, prophecy, telepathy and clairvoyance. This elegant boulder too helps in communiqué with the spirits and higher guides.

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