Labradorite – A Powerful Protector

Labradorite is reputed as the strongest safeguard for the mineral kingdom that creates a shielding force all through the aura and strengthens the natural powers within the self.

Labradorite Healing Properties

It proves to be a defender against the misfortunes and negativity of this universe and bestows the safe exploration into the equivalent levels of the consciousness. It also facilitates the visionary experiences of the past and future as well.

Physical Healing Properties

On the physical plane, Labradorite is good for the lungs and aids the respiratory problems, cold and bronchitis of its wearer. It also assists in the metabolism, regulation and digestion.

Labradorite has also been used for treating the brain and eyes disorders. It also simulates the mental acuity. It is also whispered as the best boulder for reducing the anxiety and stress of its owner. It soothes the being during the mensuration and too from pain and PMS symptoms.

Labradorite also lowers the blood pressure, alleviates gout and rheumatism and reduces the sensitivity from the cold.

Emotional Healing Properties

By calming the overactive mind, energizing the imagination of the carrier, Labradorite attracts the new and innovative ideas. It is reputed as a wonderful tool which returns the joy and the spontaneity in the life of its wearer. It also aids in eliminating the emotional fall of the daily routine. The sense of change and adventure gets awakens by this fascinating gemstone.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

By radiating the major blue gem power, Labradorite simulates the Throat Chakra of the owner which is also the voice of his body. Physically, it is a pressure faucet that permits the authority to get expressed from the other chakras too. If it becomes out of balance or gets blocked, it may hinder the health of the other chakras. When the Throat Chakra is open or balanced, it permits the expression of what we feel and what we think.

Spiritual Healing Properties

The power of Labradorite gemstone helps its owner to enter the veils of a void that is the residence for all the possibilities and knowledge. It is the primary source and potential of the creation for the light workers, magicians and shamans. As a conservative ally, Labradorite recalls the experiences of the other lives, other times and other realms. It aids in moving between the worlds and in attracting the creations to this field that are good for all the beings.

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