Lapis Lazuli, One of the Favorites of Royals

A semi-precious charm with the dark blue color, Lapis lazuli stone highly prized and reputed for it amazingly intense hue since the past.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

This fascinating piece of magic always cherished by the monarchs, Royals, and spiritualists. The dark blue shade of Lapis with the streaks of gold indeed shows grandeur and royalty.

In the ancient Rome, Lapis lazuli was supposed to be an aphrodisiac while in Babylonia and Egypt it was employed for curing some of the concrete desolation and fever.

One of the oldest charms that are known for the spiritual qualities is Lapis lazuli. Apart from this, many civilizations have faith that the Holy sapphire was truly Lapis lazuli.

In fact, in the past, the power of this enthralling gemstone was used by Roman, Persian, and Chinese women to paint blue color to their eyebrows.

Where is Lapis Lazuli found?

However, It is found in many places in this world like Chile, Afghanistan, USA, and Italy.

Lapis Lazuli Color

It originates in various tints of blue, brassy pyrite with the spots of white calcite.

Lapis Lazuli, Natural Birthstone

By the way, It is not specifically beneficial for any particular person but yes it’s true that anyone can try its amazing properties by taking advice from an astrologer.

Lapis Lazuli, a Zodiac Stone for Sagittarius

It is a perfect gemstone for the one who is born under the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli

Believed to be a great charm for the people, It is best for the beings involved in the field of psychology, management and journalism. It too simulates the intelligence and wisdom of the people and guides him to take appropriate decisions in their lives. This charming gem piece develops the innovative ideas for the one, who is in the profession of creative writing. It too enhances the intellectual skills of the archeologists and historians. It too helps in boosting up shrewdness in the lawyers.

The healing properties of Lapis Lazuli purify and cleanse the body of its wearer. The intensity of this charm aids in opening the chakras that are clogged to heal them. It is also known for healing the Brown Chakra and Throat Chakra.

Lapis lazuli is also famed as a Stone of Wisdom and Truth. In Some civilizations, it is believed that if one wearer this gemstone during the meditation then he may recover his past connections and memories that he had with the ancient cultures.

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  1. I purchased a “natural tanzanite” pendant from you, now I see the “exact” same one in your email and it says” blue gemstones. Which is it?


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