Lapis Lazuli, the Best Healer Ever

Lapis Lazuli holds a prominent position being a semi-precious charm.

Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

It holds a Property of Feng-Shui which proves to be beneficial for its owner. Arabic and Latin had given birth to the name of this fascinating gem piece. Lapis known as a Stone in Latin and in Arabic, Azul means blue therefore the entire word appears to be a Stone, Blue Stone.

Most of the beings use Lapis Lazuli for polishing ornaments, mosaics, carvings, sculptures, and vases. This charm is a good savior of the chakras that are blocked. It is too whispered to spread the power in the surrounding ambiance; that’s why this gem piece is used in office and home as well.

If kept in particular places, Lapis Lazuli it works as per the energy required. For the better health you may maintain this gemstone in the direction of east, it aids in career growth if held in North and attracts the abundance and wealth when placed in South-east direction.

Mainly composed of pyrite, calcite, sodalite, silicate, lazurite and other constituents, Lapis Lazuli is a real charm for its wearer. The body of the carrier get cleansed and purified with the healing powers of this gemstone. The blocked chakras of the owner get open with the help of the high-intensity of this talisman. Moreover, it is too believed that this gemstone is effective when there is compassion in the wearer’s heart, knowledge in his mind and insight into his soul.

Physical Healing Properties

An unusual gem, Lapis lazuli is good for vocal chords, throat, and larynx. It also helps its owner in regulating and stimulating the endocrine and thyroid glands.

Emotional Healing Properties

Known as a Stone of Truth, Lapis lazuli emits the self-awareness and truth of its carrier. Apart from this, this gorgeous blue gem piece offers relief to the beings who suffers from disparity feeling and depression.

Furthermore, Lapis lazuli assists the people to make them capable of controlling their rage and anger.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

The healing properties of Lapis Lazuli purify and cleanse the body of its owner. The intensity of this powerful gemstone aids in opening the bunged chakras, and this is how heals them. This engrossing charm is too reputed for the Brow Chakra and Throat Chakra.

Spiritual Healing Properties

In some of the civilization it is believed that when Lapis lazuli is worn during the meditation, it recovers the memories of its owner’s past life. It too sets his connection with the traditional civilization.

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