Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Yellow

The yellow gems exhibit warm and sunny sensations that make the person smile and fresh.


If yellow is your favorite shade then you choice us quite lucky in this case. The jewels decorated with yellow gems bestow a delicate touch of hue and be bright and vibrant. For a bit, something more than an ordinary, consider the following golden options. Citrine looks fabulous whether it’s gold, silver or any other material. Most of the gals club this charming gem piece with the other gems of distinctive hues to enhance its opulent gape.

Lemon Topaz

Lemon Topaz Ring

Most of the shades of Topaz are blue but this Lemon Topaz reveals its golden orange tint. Historically, this gemstone is popular among the Royals of Russian that stands out as a classic choice for the couples. It is considered as a perfect charm for anniversary.


Black Onyx Citrine Dangle Earrings

The yellow shade the of a gem from the Quartz family is widely known in the era of Art Deco and may too jazz up the jewelry wardrobe. Some of the varieties of amethysts undergo the heat treatment to form citrine. It is the best birthstone for the beings who are November born. In fact, it is picked as a perfect charm for 13th wedding anniversary. Most of the people pick citrine as a great choice for the gift-giving events.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire Ring

The most common shade of sapphire is blue but it too comes in other shades. Its, yellow shade gives off a golden light which make the being feel awesome.

Brecciated Mookaite

Brecciated Mookaite Pendant

Bracciated mookaite belongs to a variety of Australian Jasper which looks amazing when engraved in sterling silver material. It reveals its yellow shade with the brown like patterns on it that enhance its opulent gawk.

How to Wear Yellow Gems

Among many people, thought is common according to which yellow is entitled as a lovely shade. The yellow charms are found not only in the females but males too as suits to all the styles and too as a team with the other gems.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go and get it and prove yourself and your enthralling gawk in front of this world that does not require any extra effort to come out.

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  1. Ohhhhh my goddddd…it’s my prefered gemstones : i have citrine, amber ( yellow and green but more yellow ) It’s my birthday’s stone too !!! ( excuse my very very bad English 😉 )


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