Larimar – An Antidote for Curing Bipolar Ailment

A new Larimar gemstone and relatively newly discovered charm in the gemstone world, Larimar is reputed with a term, “A Blue Stone of Atlantis” as is an amazingly gorgeous blue gem piece.

Larimar Gemstone

It is too known as a Stefilia’s Stone which is a rare type of pectolite that is found only in the Dominican Republic.

A valuable gemstone, Larimar relives its owner from the disorders of the high blood pressure, inflammation, infection, fever and the problems of skin like rashes, eczema, burns and hives. It is too known as a traditional antidote for curing the bipolar diseases.

Where is Larimar found?

The Dominican Republic is the only place in this world where Larimar is found in Los Cheeses at Filipinas Mine.

Larimar Color                    

In the Caribbean, the hue of Larimar varies from the white shade to the light tint of blue color to greenish blue to the darker shade of blue. It reveals the beauty of the sparkling island and blue water which lies in itself which surrounds the place of its origination.

Apart from the blue color, Larimar is also produced in the active and green form, but the blue color of Larimar looks beguiling and is popular.

Larimar, a Natural Birthstone

A natural birthstone, Larimar is best for the one who is born during the month of February and March. This time is the new lifespan time which enhances the trust and faith it also attracts the respect and patience.

Larimar – Not a Zodiac Stone

However, Larimar is not connected with any of the Zodiac sign but if you want to get benefitted from it then ask your astrologer for the same.

Benefits of Larimar

A beautiful gemstone, Larimar is best for the mothers, during and also after the pregnancy. It aids in removing the post-partum depression. It relaxes its owner’s stress that is linked with the new parenthood.

A crystal of Throat Chakra, Larimar is used as a pendant for treating the free voice of the wearer’s deepest wisdom. The singers would also love this gemstone as it increases and protects the voice.

A soothing water element, Larimar cools down the hot temperament and guides the passion into the peace. It is also utilized for diminishing the intensity of the hot flashes and frequency.

Larimar is whispered as an excellent boulder which finds a right soul mate for its wearer. It also allows the healing of the unresolved issues or fears.

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