Larimar – A Dolphin Stone

Larimar, too known as Stefilia’s Stone, Atlantis Stone and Blue Pectolite, cools the temper and calms the fear, relieves the stress and nurtures the emotional and physical bodies.

Larimar Healing Properties

This fascinating gemstone is the fire born of the volcanic origins, but it is also a cardinal water element gem.

Larimar is a powerful charm which aids in deep meditation and connects the Divine Feminine. It is especially helpful for releasing the emotional bonds, principles or patterns that do not serve to be best in near future. A Stone of Clear Communication, Larimar offers the courage and strength that is required to speak in an open manner directly from the heart.

Physical Healing Properties

Larimar assists in soothing the high blood force and the illness related to stress. It may also reduce the power of supernatural fire elements like the infection, inflammation, and fever. It is utilized for treating the disorders of skin that are intensified by the stress such as psoriasis, eczema, rashes, and hives.

Larimar, an elegant charm helps for the throat and cartilage conditions and aids in dissolving the blockages of chest, neck and head.

Emotional Healing Properties

A powerful emotional healer and cleanser, Larimar is unique to these properties for excessive fear or anger, imbalances related to stress, panic attacks, and phobias. It assists in breaching down the walls that are created by one all around his heart for the defense. It allows for the emotional release and clearing off the dark patterns of emotion. It too aids in reconnecting with the past, a natural state of the joy and playfulness.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

Larimar gemstone is connected with the goddess power of Sky and Sea and helps the women to re-link with their inner femininity. It too restores their link with nature. It stems the humor, vivaciousness and the sense of the power of oneself. This gemstone permits women, to give a call to their goddess within so that they may fully manifest their prior purpose in their life.

Spiritual Healing Properties

The light blue color of Larimar attracts the reverence, patience, confidence, and faith. Moreover, this charm allows the owner to act in a responsive manner, seek the forgiveness, and become trustworthy and to accept the life that is given.

Larimar gemstone is also reputed for benefitting the females. It originates the liveliness, sense of the strength and the wit of the own.

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