Captivating Collection of Gold Silver Pendants

Hello everyone one, today we are here with an intriguing collection of gold silver pendants straight from a top store of sterling silver jewelry of the USA, “Silver-In-Style”.


Let’s start with an extraordinary group of sterling silver jewels decorated well with a 14k gold layer.

White Topaz Zebra Design Gold Silver Pendant

First of all, let’s welcome a unique piece of sterling silver pendant styled in zebra design. This pattern is crafted all through the item and is layered with 14k gold which is enhancing the royal touch of it. On the top of it, various dazzling white topaz gemstones are stamped.

Tree of Life Gold silver Pendant

Next is a Tree of Life neck piece which is crafted with two circles one is revealing a touch of a 14k gold layer. However this item is made of sterling silver, but the tree of life is kept free from golden touch which is keeping it apart from the crowd.

Red Garnet Gold Pendant

Now, the turn is of a gorgeous piece of the pendant which is handcrafted in a marvelous way. Distinctive, beautiful shapes are carved with sterling silver at the center of the round motif. This entire pattern is covered with a 14k gold layer that is raising the regal gawk of it. At the center, a small piece of red colored gem piece is festooned named red garnet.

Purple Amethyst Gold Silver Pendant

Spot out a stunning neck piece designed in an impressive pattern. A flower is kept in hanging style at the center of which a purple-hued charm is embellished named, amethyst. The golden touch is too given by 14k gold layer on the top of this item and too on outer sides of the gem.

Orange Morganite Peridot Gold Silver Pendant

Check out a riveting piece of sterling silver pendant showing off its heritage glimpse. It is amazingly designed in a traditional motif which will take us to the past era of history. Various charming shapes are crafted on it in a fabulous pattern. A round shape that is hanging is too looking good and at its center various colorful charms are engraved named, morganite and peridot that are orange and green correspondingly. The golden touch of a 14k gold layer is also bestowed on this piece.

Claddagh Gold Silver Pendant

Next is the turn of a combination of Claddagh and holy cross designs. A Claddagh is styled at the center of this cross which is decorated with a layer of 14k gold. A golden touch is too given to the cross hands.

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