Check out a Lovely Collection of Colorful Enamel Rings

Enamel Rings, the finger pieces that are adorned with colorful enamel that looks fabulous. Moreover, to append a fascinating gawk some gem pieces are too festooned.


So, let’s go through a vibrant collection of enamel rings from the store of Silver-In-Style on eBay that you can’t resist.

Art Deco Pink Gereen Enamel Ring

Firstly, let’s check out a lovely piece of art deco ring which is styled in a fabulous pattern. Three beautiful butterflies are carved on it which is looking glamorous. All these creatures are decorated with pink, blue, green and purple enamel. Some pieces of marcasite gems are too festooned on this piece.

Art Deco Red Black Enamel Ring

Now, witness a piece of ring designed in a stunning motif. It is styled in an adjustable manner. To enhance the opulent gawk of this item, red and black enamels are adorned with it which is looking lovely. Some marcasite gemstones are too engraved on it.

Blue Sapphire Yellow Enamel Dome Ring

This finger piece is given a touch of yellow enamel. Some colorful gems are too embossed on it named, blue sapphire, yellow citrine, and red garnet. To bestow a shimmering touch, some pieces of marcasite gemstones are too festooned.

Marcasite MultiColor Enamel Ring

Next is the turn of a sterling silver ring on which multicolor enamels are applied. A matrix like a pattern is drawn on it which is looking fascinating. Marcasite gemstones are too embellished on it.

Red Ruby Enamel Flower ring

Spot out a gorgeous piece of a ring which is designed in a flower pattern. At its center, a red color charm is stamped named, red ruby. On its petals parts, sky and red enamels are decorated that is raising the gorgeous look of it. On the fence part, various pieces of marcasite gems are adorned.

Swiss Marcasite MultiColor Enamel Dome Ring

Witness, a lovely finger piece, made of sterling silver. A dome shape is given to this jewel. On it multicolor enamels are decorated that is making this piece gaudy. Various round contours are designed on it which is looking lovely.

Swiss Marcasite Topaz Pink Enamel Dome Ring

Again, let’s spot out a dome-shaped finger piece made with sterling silver. A sparkling touch is given to this item by stamping some white hue topaz gems. Some of the marcasite charms are too engraved on it.

Yellow Orange Enamel Sun Flower Ring

Now, welcome a gorgeous piece of a ring designed with a sunflower motif. In fact, the yellow and orange enamel that is applied to it are giving a sunflower touch to it. At its center, some striking pieces of marcasite gems are festooned.

So, it seems like you have fallen in love with these enamel rings. So, try all the pieces today. For more just visit the store, “Silver-In-Style” on eBay.

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