Month: April 2016

Perfect Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Family Holidays

Blue Topaz Quartz Pendant Earrings Set

A thoughtfully chosen present will make you stand apart from the crowd and will to be remembered. You may start selecting a gift that holds an emotional link between the receiver and giver and too clutches a real value. A Read more…

Aegirine, a Stone for Removing Negativity

Aegirine Healing Properties

Believed to ward off the negativity from the aura of the person, Aegirine proves to be effective when kept clutched in hands for a period. Besides, Aegirine reduces the alcoholic and drug abuse of all the kinds that makes the Read more…

Aegirine, a Stone for Warding off Evil Powers

Aegirine Gemstone

A beautiful black Aegirine gemstone is known to personify the truthfulness and personality. The gorgeous black blades that appear on its surface offer a mighty gape and make it the noblest gemstone among all. The nobility of this alluring gem Read more…

A Guide to Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry – Part I

White Diamond Silver 14k Ring

The gift of metal or the colorful gems that are used to decorate the jewels represent each anniversary gemstone. This guide will help you a lot while shopping for your special anniversary ornaments. The big 25 and 50 marked by Read more…

A Striking Collection of Coral Jewelry

Coral Turquoise Bracelet

Coral, known to be a riveting piece of jewel boulder reveals off its appealing red color which looks glamorous. To complete your gorgeous look, you should team up your attire. For that, you should get all your matching stuff like Read more…