Delightful Collection of Cupcake Pendants

Cupcake is a tasty term which leaves us mouthwatering. The females are fond of these cupcake pendants. They usually get magnetized towards the jewelry like this.


So, keeping this in track, we have come up with the jewels designed in cupcake pattern. We know the taste and choice of you and care for it. That’s why let’s just not waste our time and move towards a lovely collection of cupcake pendants.

Blue Red Enamel Cupcake Pendant

First of all, let’s welcome a gorgeous neckpiece styled in cupcake motif. It is made appealing by adorning gaudy enamels of red, blue and green hue on it. It is to give a dazzling touch by embellishing some pieces of marcasite gems on it.

White Pearl Red Enamel Cupcake Pendant

Now, let’s check out a charming neck piece given a shape of a yummy cupcake. You may too take it as ice-cream. Its shape doesn’t matter as it is looking so gorgeous that it will leave the crowd astonished. It is well decorated with red enamel all over it and with yellow paint on a heart shape stamped on it. Some charms of pearls are too engraved on it that are looking lovely.

Green Enamel Yellow Pearl Cupcake Pendant

Spot out, an amiable piece of the jewel which is going to enhance an opulent gape of you. This cupcake designed pendant will make the heads turn. It is well garnished with various lip-smacking toppings like yellow cream; beetle touched cherry and crunchy sticks. Rest of its part is beautified with the green enamel. These colorful tints are the gaudy enamels applied. On the bottom of this cupcake, some glistening gems are embossed named, marcasite.

Red Pink Enamel Cupcake Pendant

Witness, a fascinating neckpiece, made with sterling silver which is giving of its cupcake gawk. This alluring item is given a reddish touch by applying red colored enamel. Even the cup is too decorated with red paint. The red cherries on it are too looking yummy. Below the red cream, some shimmering gems are festooned named, marcasite.

White Pearl Blue Enamel Cupcake Pendant

Now, look at this mesmerizing sterling silver pendant given a shape of cupcake which is too viewed as an ice-cream. On it dual colored enamel is draped named, blue and green. The tasty sticks are given a brown and yellow touch. Some pieces of pearl are also decorated on it.

Pearl Blue Enamel Cupcake Pendant

Next is the turn of a riveting pendant which is revealing of its cupcake contour. The blue color enamel is used for ornamenting its beauty. A yellow colored pearl is stamped on it with other colorful garnished items.

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