Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Blue

Today we are going to check out various shades of blue from which you may choose the one of your choices.

Feeling blue may not be okay but wearing the blue is damn perfect especially when it comes to a lovely gem piece well festooned in a piece of jewel. The one who find the blue hue as his / her favorite shade may spot out the following pieces of gems exhibiting the blue tint.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Pendant

Though Lapis Lazuli is not known regularly as a jewelry gem piece yet it clutches high demand from the blue lovers. It too stands as “official” charm and also as the best gem piece for ninth wedding anniversary.


Aquamarine Ring

Fashionable and flexible to get adjusted in any settings, Aquamarine is one of the affordable gem pieces the picks of which is higher as compared to that of sapphires. It falls in the list of precious gemstones and appears in the hues of blue with the shades of green and cyan. In fact, this opulent gem piece is considered as the best gift for 19th wedding anniversary.


Tanzanite Ring

Tanzanite is less recognized than sapphires, but it takes the shade of blue to an extreme. It is heated to reveal stronger and brighter shade of blue. It is indeed known as an eye-catching tone for the wearers who want something more.


Sapphire Earrings

Thinking of a blue gem piece takes the beings to a picture of Sapphire. Most people suggest this stone to be a perfect present for September-born or 5th wedding anniversary.


Topaz Ring

The most desirable variety of topaz is orange, but its blue shade is too modern which is created when the colorless shade of undergoes the diffusion process. The result of it range from the sky tint to the deeper one. The white hue of Topaz is traditionally whispered as a symbol of romance and love which is too gifted for 4th wedding anniversary also.


Turquoise Pendant

The style of Sapphire matches with that of the Turquoise gemstone that ranges from its pale to bold shade and also a little bit green shade of it.

So, check out all the shade of these blue gems and rock the party tonight. In fact, when these get paired with the matching attire it draws the person in the limelight and apart from the crowd.

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