Stunning Collection of Designer Jewelry

The designer pieces are crafted by the artistic and skillful jewelry makers. The designer jewelry items are made uniquely. These don’t have many copies. The one who grabs them finds him lucky.

Today we have too arrived with a beguiling collection of designer jewelry which includes splendid pairs of earrings, stunning pieces of pendants and startling finger items. All these exclusive items will reach you straight from a leading store of sterling silver jewelry, Silver-In-Style on eBay. Let’s not waste the time anymore let’s just get started.

Pink Blister Pearl Designer Pendant

Firstly, let’s welcome a sumptuous neck piece handcrafted creatively with sterling silver. The first glimpse of it will take you to an ancient era, towards the royal’s life. Its stunning gawk will give you a regal touch. Well styled with astonishing shapes of silver it will make the heads turn. At its center, an oval-shaped gem piece of pink hue is embellished named, pink blister pearl.

Black Onyx Enamel Leaf Designer Ring

Next, just check out another designer finger piece which will enhance the beauty of your hand when worn with matching attire. It is showing off its artistic leaf motif which is given a black touch by onyx black enamel. It will magnetize the queries about its natal place.

Filigree Flower Designer Dangle Earrings

Now, check out a lovely pair of sterling silver dangle earrings that will go well with our personality. A filigree contour is given to this pair which is in trend in today’s fashion. The girls mostly point these types of jewels and owe many in their wardrobe collection. Various floral designs are handcrafted on these pieces that are beautifying them.

Black Topaz Leaf Designer Pendant

Witness, this bewitching piece of a pendant, made with sterling silver. Its design will allow you go into a deep thought as it’s so uncommon. A leaf-like a pattern can be seen styled on this item. It is given a dazzling gape by engraving various black hued topaz gems.

Greeb Chalcedony Designer Ring

Now, spot out a creative piece of a sterling silver ring. It is looking fabulous and will leave you astonished by its opulent contour. At its center, a green colored gem piece is engraved named, green chalcedony. All around this charm some lovely shapes are carved that are decorated with marcasite gemstones.

Italian Designer Dangle Earrings

The last one is a designer pair of sterling silver dangle earrings. These are styled in an Italian pattern which will magnetize various compliments towards it. The unclear shapes that are carved on these pieces are looking fabulous.


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