Adamite – Stone that Connects Sentiments with the Heart

Considered as a brilliant gemstone, Adamite wakes up its owner so that he may find himself in the crowd. It aids in connecting his feelings and sentiments with his heart.

Adamite Healing Properties

It makes him strong enough so that he may solve his emotional issues that distract his mind and soul.

Adamite is alleged to offer a safe and secure feeling to the one who holds it in his hands for an extended period. To enhance the thinking of the left brain, most of the beings used this gemstone. It too helps in exploring the exciting and new opportunities in the life, especially in the business sectors.

Physical Healing Properties

Adamite is a useful gemstone that treats the issues of the endocrine system and glands. Besides, it is supposed to be a perfect charm which heals the problems of the throat thyroid, laryngitis, etc. It also cures the lungs and heart of its wearer.

Emotional Healing Properties

Whispered as a Stone of Enthusiasm, Adamite fills the life of its owner by happiness and joy and thereby no space left behind that may get occupied with the sorrow or sadness. It is a great crystal that resolves the emotional matters and drawbacks by strengthening the heart chakra. It too fills the power in the wearer so that he may stand against the sadness and problems that happen in life. It also safeguards him from the negative thoughts and psychic attacks.

Chakra Balancing and Healing Properties

Adamite crystal is branded for healing the Throat and Heart Chakra of its owner. The heart chakra is responsible for taking care of the feelings and emotions of the being. Apart from this, it is the whole and sole which balances all the chakras that exist above and below it.

The Heart Chakra is the chest that holds the feelings and emotions of the person. If it is in a balanced form, then it fills the respect and harmony in the owner’s life for the others and oneself.

On the contrary, the Throat Chakra is the voice of the being. If it loses its power, it may harm all the confidence that one clutches while speaking in the public and while expressing himself.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Adamite is a stone which assists in the deep meditation and the situations when the confusion covers the person. It too helps the being in checking his inner self just by the deep thinking and the meditation to get the answer.

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