Aegirine, a Stone for Warding off Evil Powers

A beautiful black Aegirine gemstone is known to personify the truthfulness and personality. The gorgeous black blades that appear on its surface offer a mighty gape and make it the noblest gemstone among all.

Aegirine Gemstone

The nobility of this alluring gem piece is not only because of its dazzling gaze but too due to its properties that it holds. It also aligns the trust of the beings with the life and offers them a self-reliance of being passionate and robust enough to follow these.

The natural and earthy powers of Aegirine guard the aura and the physical torso of the person. It emphasizes the spirits in the difficult time just by clearing off the negative energies and thoughts.

Where is Aegirine found?

The principal localities where this fabulous gemstone, Aegirine is found are Scotland, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, Peninsula, Kola, USA, Arkansas, Magnet Cove, Norway, Kongsberg, Canada, Quebec, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Greenland, and Narsarssuk.

Aegirine Color

Aegirine is mostly found in its opaque to transparent form in its black hue. Although, sometimes at appears to be greenish black or brownish black in hue. It is commonly found in volcanic rocks that are rich in alkaline.

Aegirine, not a Birthstone

However, Aegirine is not a particular birthstone, but it may be worn by the beings to get benefitted from its active powers. Before that astrologer advice is a must.

Aegirine, a Zodiac Stone for Taurians

Aegirine is associated with the sun sign that is Taurus, so it’s best for the people who were born between 20th of May and 20th of April.

Benefits of Aegirine Gemstone

Aegirine is well composed of the Feng Shui qualities that use the water energy and enhances the clarity, calmness, and stillness in the places where it is kept. The dark black hue of this gemstone sends apart the evil eyes and spirits.

Being a black talisman, Aegirine tributes the Arabian Goddess of time, destiny, and death; that is known to be Manat. The ancient myth that is linked with this crystal is just that it is associated with Aegir, the God of Sea.

By leaving behind the little thoughts and things, Aegirine motivates the owner to follow the truth and to see the enlarged image of his life. It offers the power to accept the stuff. It too helps in mending up from the unsuccessful relations just by transferring the grief.

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