Aegirine, a Stone for Removing Negativity

Believed to ward off the negativity from the aura of the person, Aegirine proves to be effective when kept clutched in hands for a period.

Aegirine Healing Properties

Besides, Aegirine reduces the alcoholic and drug abuse of all the kinds that makes the protective area of the being, weak.

Physical Healing Properties

Aegirine assists the torso of the owner in the process of detoxification just by clearing off all the toxins. It also boosts the nervous system, immune system, and metabolism. Specifically, Aegirine helps out and strengthens the liver, gall bladder, and spleen. It is an excellent and important crystal which generates the physical power and stamina and heals the person from illness, pain and injury. It is precious gemstone for removing the troubles of the nerves, muscles, and bones. Aegirine is a cherished Reiki stone and a powerful transferring gemstone which works on just the power of the sensation.

Emotional Healing Properties

When it comes to overcoming the sadness, sorrow, misery or despair, Aegirine becomes the supporter which melts the emotional and negative powers, patterns and approaches that are the result of a feeling of the abandonment, remorse, guilt and shame.

Aegirine produces the optimistic thoughts and substitutes the toxic ones. This boosts up the negative attitude and assists to recover the emotional build. This crystal encourages the owner to follow the truth and to view the broad picture of his life just by sending off the small things and the thoughts. It offers the power so that he may accept the stuff. It also supports transforming the grief and thereby recovering from the wounds of the unsuccessful relations.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

Aegirine is a charm which is supposed to activate the Base or Root Chakra. This chakra remains in the bottom part of the spine and is the primary home of the physical and spiritual powers of the torso. It also regulates the kinesthetic feelings and movement. When it becomes out of balance, then it lowers down the zeal, activity and instills laziness in the body. By it, the person feels detached from the emotional relations, reality, and spirituality.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Aegirine allows the owner to focus on and to generate the powers that are personal as well as universal. It instructs the feelings that there is light in the dark, and that heals all the negativity of the life.

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