Alabaster – a Stone for Controlling Anger

Since ages, Alabaster is branded all around this world. It is supposed that the term “Alabaster” was named after the name of a town Alabaster which is located in Egypt.

Alabaster Gemstone

This place is too famous for the origination of this gemstone.

One of the renowned names that are taken in the honor of the gemstone is Drawing Stone, which has the potent to magnetize the things towards the wearer. The thing that comes to you depends only on the requirement in your life. It too helps the owner to attract the things even that are not needed by you.

Where is Alabaster found?

Alabaster, a spectacular jewel boulder is most of the time found in the desert regions. The primary locations where this amazing gemstone is found are United States of America, Mexico, England, and Italy.

Alabaster Color

Alabaster is a gem which appears in various hues but sometimes it is too found in gray to black color which is transparent. According to the appearance, Alabaster may be sand colored, reddish or yellowish.

Alabaster, not a Birthstone

However, Alabaster is not right for any particular birthstone but still you may try the beneficial properties of it. For this, you should seek advice from your astrologer who knows well about your lucky charm.

Alabaster, not a Zodiac Stone

Alabaster even is not associated any Zodiac sign but still most of the beings are getting benefitted from it after getting a recommendation of this gemstone from the experts.

Benefits of Alabaster Gemstone

Alabaster gemstone holds a powerful purifying effect which it lays on the nervous system. It controls the anger and clears off the temper of its owner.

Alabaster is majorly utilized to lower down the fear of its carrier and too assists in resolving the problems and disturbances. It is known as a protective crystal that explains to its holder how to grow stronger and how to be calm.

To activate or harmonize the Sacral Chakra, Alabaster is kept directly on the back skin of the patient. This chakra is all related to sexuality and emotions. It allows the wearer to flow his feelings liberally and express them without hesitation.

Psychologically, Alabaster is a charm which prevents the owner from an outburst of the anger and emotions. It is too used for easing the nervousness and anxiety. It has been employed to symbolize the purity and transparency.

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