Meditation with Crystals

“Crystals are the mere solid substance that Mother Earth naturally produces,” this was my definition until I read more about them. Yes, the decision of joining the family business of crystals and gemstones which my father successfully continued from last fifty years demanded me to read about crystals. The first book I read was healing crystals and gemstones. I very well remember the more pages I was turning of it, the more interested I was getting. My curiosity leads me to buy 8-10 books more and I read about almost all the stones (approximately 200) which my father was dealing with.  The knowledge of such variety of crystals, their existence, origin and healing characteristics simply left me awestruck.

Historically, crystals have been used from the time of ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia, almost 6000 years back.  From there the Romans, Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Indians and Ancient Japanese have been valuing crystal for healing, enlightenment, attractions, and fulfillment of other forms of desire. To my surprise, the Ancient Egyptians even used to put quartz crystal and other gemstones on the forehead of a person’s dead body, devoting to their belief that the energy will guide the spirit safely into the afterlife. Crazy huh?

How Crystals Help Me In Meditation


Well, such facts are many more but without mentioning all of them here; let me briefly explain the science behind the healing power of crystals. It is said that each crystal or stone has its electromagnetic charge. The billions of cells in our body also have electromagnetic charge. Now when two charge comes together, the effect is felt. When crystals are placed on chakras, the unique vibration resonates with the frequency of the body and the feeling of being more balanced surfaces. Crystals are presently being used in almost everything, ranging from biodynamic farming to the anti-wrinkle cream you use.

I use crystal for my meditation and I am doing it for the last 8 years now. The first stone I used was Amethyst.  Amethyst is known as “all-purpose stone” and truly proved one for me. It expanded my creativity and passion, strengthened my thought process, focus, imagination, and intuition. This purple-colored stone is renowned across the globe for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to soothe and stimulate the mind and emotions.

The others stones used by me include rose quartz, citrine, black tourmaline and etc, helping to sort myself from time to time.  For example, rose quartz brought a deep, personal sense of fulfillment and containment, dissolving fears and resentment in me. Citrine attracted fortune and success in my business by removing financial blockages. And black tourmaline kept me protected from all sort of negative energy or attachments.

Obviously, dwelling on the business of crystals and gemstones, I had and have the luxury of choosing and picking the stones as per my mood and situation. Thanks to my father! The list of my stones is definitely long but my tips on how to meditate with crystals are really quick and simple.

Choosing The Right Crystal For Meditation


First and foremost, choose the right crystal. This task entirely depends on the intent of your mediation, your mood, and preference. Next, prepare your stone for meditation. By preparing I mean cleaning it. Yes, stones are said to retain information and energy from before and if you want to use it for yourself then you must clean it completely. The different ways of cleaning include:


  • Sunlight or moonlight spa
  • Smudging the stone with incense or herbs like lavender, sweetgrass, sage, and etc.
  • Drowning it in some natural waterbody or in a bowl of salt water.
  • Burying it in the soil for a ritual purification, or
  • Blowing the air on the stone with an intention of cleansing it


All the above methods are correct and you can choose any one out of them but then remember that after cleansing, programming your stone is equally imperative.  To program your crystal, do the following:

  1. Hold it in your hand, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Reflect your faith on the stone and read aloud three times in your head; “I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy and any previous programming. I command this crystal to hold the intention of….”
  2. Now, once it is done, look for a quiet and clean place for yourself to meditate. Make sure that all the electronics or gadgets which disrupt your Zen state of mind are turned off. The place should be absolutely calm. Also, programming of the stone should be done at this place only.
  3. Hold the stone in your hand, sit in a crossed leg position, keep your eyes closed and focus on the breathing. Let the energetic properties of stone permeate you and your space. Visualise all your intentions specifically so that your crystal get a sense of direction and you get a sense of contentment in life.


Meditate for as long as you want. Once you finish it, slowly open your eyes, gently bring movement to your fingers and toes and raise up to feel a great sense of tranquillity and harmony around. Keep your stone at some safe place now so that you can meditate the same way tomorrow.

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