Month: May 2018

Crystals for home: Make Your Abode a High-Vibe Heaven


From Hong Kong to the Czech Republic to New York; traveling all this while made me realize that there is no paradise quite as appealing as your own abode. Yea, I have been out of home for almost like 25 Read more…

Moldavite; An Intense and Unusual Stone

moldavite stone

Approximately 15 million years ago, there was an extraordinary atomic explosion in the universe. A meteorite of enormous size crashed with the earth over the Czechoslovakian mountainous region and the result was calamitous. There was a rain of melted material Read more…

Rose quartz – A Crystal for Blooming Love and Healing Relationships


When the matter is of the heart, any medicine, magic or meditation is resorted to. Right? Same happened with my very dear friend, Priya-a name and her real experience which I can never let go while writing down about the Read more…

How are crystals able to heal?

crystal healing

How are crystals able to heal? This one prominent question hovers everybody’s mind who read or try out crystal therapies. Obviously, (not being an exception) even I had my share of doubts while entering the crystal/gemstone world. The entire idea Read more…