How are crystals able to heal?

How are crystals able to heal? This one prominent question hovers everybody’s mind who read or try out crystal therapies. Obviously, (not being an exception) even I had my share of doubts while entering the crystal/gemstone world. The entire idea of a stone healing a human being seemed nonsensical to me. I just used to have a mirthless laugh over it and wonder “How can a stone heal someone? Do crystals really work and etc?”

I very well know the doubts, ambiguity or apprehensions which act as a hurdle in the acceptance of crystal or gemstone healing. Since science has given no hard proofs behind the healing of crystals, people are skeptical about buying and using them. However, on the basis of my reading and experience, I can briefly explain the logic behind it.

Origin of Crystal Stones

Crystals are the natural occurring stones which grow under the crust of earth over millions of years. The high range of pressures and heat prevailing underneath help the stones to form and get their energy. Being a natures production, the crystals (an unrefined version of gemstones) have the ability to receive, project, reflect, contain, and refract light-the highest form of energy known in the physical universe.

So, how this energy comes to use? It is stated and believed in science that everything in the universe is made up of energy; the plants, the water, the vegetables our bodies and so are the crystals. When you place the crystal on or nearby your body, the cells in your body gets charged, creating an electromagnetic field around. The vibrational level of your body increases, refracting and reflecting light into that auric field, making the negative energy flows out and the fresh positive energy flows in the body. The crystals have purest of energies and have a very natural mechanism of harnessing energy into this materialistic world to create perfect harmony.

 If you will visit a crystal healing session also, you will observe that the crystal healer will place various stones on your body. Exactly above the head, forehead, throat, chest, stomach, gut, and genital area (said as the seven chakras in the body). The stones and their positioning may differ as per your issues and complains. This all will be decided by the crystal healer based on his knowledge, belief in chakra philosophy of diseases and energy misbalances.

Other Benefits of Healing Crystals

Crystal healing also involves using the crystal or gemstone as an ornament on the body, placed on the working table, under the pillow or while meditating in order to maintain a flow of positive energy. Unlike pertinent medical practices which involve medicines, injections, X-rays and enormous doctor bills, crystal healing is the most natural and affordable alternative medical technique. It heals and nourishes not only the physical ailments but also the mental or emotional maladies.

The Egyptians, the Latin Americans, the Indians and various other civilizations have used stones for healing or as protective talismans. Earth has been producing a variety of crystals, all with unique healing and therapeutic properties.  You just need to consult or select the right stone and start enjoying the journey of crystal healing without any doubts. The crystals have done wonders for me and I am sure this natural healing technique will not leave you disappointed at all.

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