Rose quartz – A Crystal for Blooming Love and Healing Relationships

When the matter is of the heart, any medicine, magic or meditation is resorted to. Right? Same happened with my very dear friend, Priya-a name and her real experience which I can never let go while writing down about the powers of rose quartz.

Priya, a Doctor by profession and die-hard romantic by nature got married to the love of her life, nearly 18 years back. Wrapped up in the layer of respective responsibilities and coziness of love, their life was running smooth and great for two years. Everything was as perfect as a beautiful picture painted by Picasso but probably that was not how it was planned for longer. The issues started cropping up and the fights became grave. The love, faith, and trust, all started looking up. Struggling, fighting and crying, Priya went to all resorts, a tarot card reader, a marriage counselor, and even a priest but nothing helped. The only sunshine she could see in the clouds now was a divorce lawyer.

All hopeless and despaired when she called me and told all of it, my reading of rose quartz struck my mind. Learning and exploring the powers of various crystals, I read it somewhere that rose quartz is an ultimate and powerful stone which attracts love and allow us to reciprocate same by opening up the heart chakra. It surrounds the possessor with unconditional love-an essential for healing up all heartbreaks, misunderstanding, hatred, neglect and internal conflicts of the heart.

I suggested this idea and somehow convinced her to try it. I introduced her to the power of crystals, explained that how each crystal has its own supreme energy which heals and sorts the person and gave her a stone of rose quartz from my office. She meditated with it regularly and to everybody’s surprise (majorly her owns), things became absolutely fine. Rather she says that the picture is way better and perfect with two lovely children now.

The noticeable effects of rose quartz that Priya shared: Firstly, the stone forced her to release her hardened emotions by vocalizing them and helped in getting over her past hurts. This made her feel a lot better. The rose quartz stone opens the heart and throat chakra simultaneously which eventually helps the person in transforming the negative thoughts about own self, others and embrace love in all forms.

Secondly, she felt that the rose quartz stone has cleared the blockages inside her which ultimately helped her to forgive own self, others, and most importantly accepting own self, others and things around the way they are. Resolving the sense of self-worth, the rose quartz helps the person in restoring a state of unconditional love and inner peace.

The other amazing benefits of Rose quartz include:

  • Releases stress
  • Calms the mind
  • Clears negative emotions
  • Cleanses the aura
  • Increases the compassion, empathy, and love for others
  • Restores trust in relationships
  • Invokes self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-worth
  • Increases fertility
  • Supports the physical heart
  • Ease a headache, migraine and throat problems
  • Resolves the unsolved issues within relationships
  • Increases inner peace

To mandatorily add, the rose quartz stone is my favorite too. It is there on my table and in the singing bowl to balance my frazzled energies. I have placed this stone in the farthest right corner of my house from the front door for bringing in healthy and good vibes inside the mansion and even meditate on it for 10 minutes in the night. Doing this helps me in clearing all the frustration,  and negative emotions built in a day, giving me a peaceful somber and a clean slate to begin my new day. You can also place this stone under your bed to attract new love or renew existing love relationship, as per your intention and can also submerge yourself in the bathtub with few rose quartz stones to enjoy the loving gentle energy.

So, if you think that your heart has suffered long enough then rose quartz is the stone for you. It not just works on your relationship with others but also mends it with own self-the one thing which I consider as very important because you are able to love others only when you love yourself!

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