Crystals for home: Make Your Abode a High-Vibe Heaven

From Hong Kong to the Czech Republic to New York; traveling all this while made me realize that there is no paradise quite as appealing as your own abode. Yea, I have been out of home for almost like 25 days and all this while I really missed home. While thinking about home, I noticed one thing that I did not miss the things inside the home but longed for the comfort and feel it has. My home is a little high-vibe heaven where a couple of crystals here and there have balanced the entire energy flow inside. The crystals not only transform my house into the place of radiant positivity but also adds to aesthetics of it. Come let me give you a quick peek of my crystalline sparkle and placid abode.

Front door


The bell rings and different energies with people enter the space. I never wanted the extraterritorial energies in my house and that’s why placed a Black Tourmaline on my front door. It is a highly cleaning and protective stone which even purifies the bad or unwanted energies of us (family) while entering back in the house. I have buried the Black Tourmaline in the soil of a potted plant at the front door so that nobody takes it away.

Living Room

living room

With the power of clearing negative energy and emitting positive energy, it is said that Amethyst can be easily placed in any part of the house. One is there in my living room. It maintains the soothing energy all over the room and brings you light and abundance.

Kitchen and Dining area

Kapoor Extendable Dining Table

Kitchen and dining area are the places where meals and memories are made together. Yes, my mother and wife are awesome cooks who love to experiment with new dishes and feed us with love. It is a rule in my home to take all meals together at the dining table in order to have a nice family time before the day ends. Considering this view of my father, I have kept a piece of Sodalite under the dining table. It promotes harmonious conversations over the meal and thereby keep us bonded. A clear quartz above my dining table streams rainbow of positive energy and keeps the place positive and happy for family meals.

Coming to the main part, Kitchen, here on a ledge I have placed a combination of stones. Carnelian, a dynamic fiery orange crystal works best for the kitchen. It increases stamina, delivers confidence and boosts creativity. It helps my mom and wifey in lessening the toil that cooking takes on the body and inspires them to come up with something new every time. The Rose Quartz ensures an ambiance of love all around as it is said that love is the most essential and secret ingredient of every dish.


modern bedroom

What do you expect when finally after a long day you enter your bedroom? Lot of love, peace, good sleep, and relaxation? Well, in that case, Rose Quartz is the right stone. It rediscovers self-love and makes you realize that even others need the same compassion and understanding what you expect for yourself. There is a bunch of soft pink Rose Quartz on my nightstand and I feel seeing it, all my tensions and stress go away. It soothes me completely, bringing in the sound, peaceful slumber for the night. The aura of love and nourishing energy prevails all around my room.

More, in case, sleep is an issue in your life then place Selenite under your bed or pillow. This stone is also known as a crystal of liquid light and bring in sweet dreams soon.

Kids’ room

kids room

Celestial is a permanent stone of my kids’ room. It ushers good thoughts, happiness and sleep-filled nights to my kids. The vibration of this luminescent stone clams down the chaos in my kids’ mind and create a protective field around them. The second stone which I place in their room is smoky quartz. It keeps them stable, absorbing the unwanted or overreactive energy. If you want you can also place Blue Lace Agate on their table as this stone helps in relieving stress, anxiety and bad dreams.

Office desk


An office desk is a place where a lot of thinking, discussing, research, and decision making is involved. It is an important place where one wrong decision can lower you down from your competitor and one right call can make you multimillionaire in the night. Here at such a complicated yet compulsory place, I believe to place Green Aventurine crystals. The Green Aventurines is known as a stone of luck and abundance. They help in taking calculative risks, making positive choices and feel luckier and positive about the venture.

Along with it I also place Shungite on my work desk. As my work desk is always cluttered with a computer, tablet, phone and other electromagnetic devices, this stone combat all that energy. It is a natural antioxidant stone found only in Russia and is effective in absorbing and neutralizing the electromagnetic radiations coming out from so many modern devices.



Garden is a perfect place to set any of the crystals that have been chipped or cracked. Since you would not like to throw them away, give them a job of taking care of your plants. To be more specific, Green Aventurine in combination with Quartz Crystal is best for gardens. Green Aventurine guides the earthly energy to the plants for their healthy growth and Quartz Crystal amplifies this energy. Burry two of them into the soil of your garden and see the lush green yard in no time!

The crystals are capable of transforming energy and mood of the entire space. Whether you feel blocked creatively, romantically, or financially, the stones can help to a breakthrough in all circumstances.  To end, I would like to write that when we can spend so much on the interiors of the house just to make it look gorgeous, why can’t we take some efforts for the energy of our so personal and daily space.

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