Owyhee Bruneau Jasper – Straight from Bruneau Canyon

“Bruneau Canyon, what is Bruneau Canyon? Where on earth such place exist?” This was my reaction when I heard and started reading about this stone. Well, to tell you a fact, this reaction was years back when I was new to my crystal/gemstone business. Now you ask me the place and I can tell you on the map (not showing off). Actually, I feel that this gemstone business has made my geography strong.

There are so many new cities, towns, countries that I have come to know about. Small in size and less known by people, these places are rich sources of procurement for my business. There are many such places which I know about and want to share with you but for now, let me tell you a brief about this place and in length about the Owyhee Bruneau jasper stone.

Owyhee is a country in the southwestern corner of the U.S. state of Idaho and Bruneau is an unincorporated community of roughly 550 people in that country. From here the Bruneau Canyon is 18 miles away.

Long way! Isn’t it? My consignments of Owyhee Bruneau jasper stone comes from here.

Just like the place, the stone is very unique. It is a distinctive category of Jasper and has clearly visible tints of brown and cream shades. The stone is said to hold strong positive Earth energy which can heal the person emotionally, spiritually and physically. Read that in ancient times it was even used to cure the blood issues. The stone serves to trigger off and balances the root chakra where the entire flow of kinesthetic energy is stored. It brings about the energy, strength, and toughness which the physical body requires and releases depression.

Talking about physical parts, let me tell you the kinds of physical healing it experts in.  If you have any issue with abdominal portion, intestine, kidney, gallbladder, and liver, try this stone out. The energy of this stone can relieve a person from pain. It can speed up the healing process of the broken tissues and can also bring quick relieve in the cruel diseases like epilepsy, hemorrhoids, and gout.

The stone effects on emotional aspect as well. It invites the feeling of love, empathy, and forbearance, proffers generosity and imparts truth which allows the person to be honest with himself. Owyhee Bruneau Jasper efficiently releases stress, making life beautiful. It helps in overcoming all dark feelings like insecurities, fear, and self-guilt thereby strengthening relationships with self and others. The positive energy of this stone maintains a sense of tranquility around.

On the spiritual grounds, the Owyhee Bruneau jasper is trusted to connect the energies of the earth with the vitalities of the cosmos. It brings about spiritual wisdom, teaching that life is a divine gift and one must enjoy all moments of it. The stone is good for meditation and developed the feelings of harmony within the self. It is also appraised to grant the ability to astral travel.

Overall, the stone has good benefits on the basic three grounds. You can either meditate with it or wear it as a jewelry. The stone will definitely release the deep-seated emotions or ill feelings, making life more enjoyable by filling in peace and positive vibes.

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