Smithsonite, A Rare Carbonate Of Zinc

I am sure you all must have read in your chemistry books or heard about this popular mineral called Zinc. The popular this mineral is, the rare is its carbonate, Smithsonite, which we are going to talk about in this blog. To start, let me first tell you how did this stone get its name? It was found by a British mineralogist James Smithson in the year 1802 and then after 30 years, in the year 1832, the  French guy called Francois Sulpice Beudant finally named it after the name of its founder. Well, does that mean the stone had no name for 30 years in between? Don’t know really but ya with people of that era everything was possible.

Anyway, the Smithsonite is considered as the world’s second most important industrial ore of zinc after sphalerite. It is formed by the gradual deposition of copper and zinc which naturally gets oxidized by the process of air and water. The stone is a variably colored mineral ranging from green yellow, pink, purple, to blue. It comes in the list of secondary mineral and is very rare to find. The places from where I source Smithsonite are Spain, Australia, and New Mexico. These places have a good quality of blue and green form of it. The other colorless variety of it is found in the Namibia and Zambia regions.

Benefits of Smithsonite on the Body

Coming to the healing properties of it, the Smithsonite has great benefits on the body (physically). It regulates the activities of the kidneys, bladder and thereby balances the acids/alkali, liquids, and mineral-forming elements. It supports the immune system, helps with diabetes by enhancing the effect of insulin and promotes the production of growth as well as sex hormones. In case you have any such issues like rashes, dermatitis, shingles, eczema, acne, and psoriasis, you can apply the elixir of stone on the skin without any thought. The stone helps in quick healing of wounds and regulate the development of the brain and sensory perception. It also boosts the supply of energy to cells, tissues, and organs, keeping you fit, healthy and vibrant.

Psychologically or Emotionally, Smithsonite helps to overcome fears, loss of courage and restlessness in a person. It brings vitality, alertness, creativity, and enthusiasm to turn ideas into reality. It stabilizes the rigid or frozen mood and encourages spontaneity, openness, institution, and honesty. It calms down the mind and let you sleep soundly. More, the stone also assists in forming partnerships, making the person expressive enough to show support, kindness, and compassion.

Spiritual Background, the stone can bring great changes in life. It can intensify lives by bringing in idealism and ability to creatively enjoy the living. It helps in breaking the boundaries or structures and use these upheavals for a betterment of yourself. Smithsonite allows to experience and express the Universal Love energy and encourages communication with angelic entities.

To end, indeed the sone is rare and can become a prized possession of your collection. So, in case you are thinking to buy it then remember this last bit of information that this stone is also known as Zinc Spar and Bonamite. It might help you while buying this stone.

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