7 Crystals That Beginners Should Start With

After writing the long blog on “A beginners’ guide to healing crystal” I felt that there is a need for this one too. Yeah, the way newbies are clueless about how and where to start with, I am sure they would be equally nescient about with what to start with. “Which crystal should be the first one, which will the right one as a beginner?” are some common questions. Of course, the crystal kingdom is vast and seeing so many crystals of varied shapes and different colors can be overwhelming for anybody. So, answering all these questions and resolving all such doubts here we go,

Clear Quartz: The master healer clear quartz is a good choice to start with. Don’t go on its translucent white color. It might appear boring to you in between such pleasant and pretty shades of other crystals but it is the most versatile crystal which can be programmed for any of your purposes. It can heal any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue. It resonates with the higher chakras and brings in the divine wisdom light and love which is needed to lead a perfect life. More, the energy of this crystal can direct as well as enhance the energy of other crystals.

clear quartz

Black Tourmaline: This one is my favorite. I like its intense black color. It is also placed at the front door of my house. Black Tourmaline is believed to be a highly cleaning and protective stone which keeps the negative energies away from you. It also protects from electromagnetic radiations which the all modern gadgets in our circumference keeps emitting. The stone removes streets and anxiety and also helps in removing the energetic or psychic blocks related to your wishes. It fills in the aura with fresh and positive energy.

Black Tourmaline

Citrine: This happy yellow-golden crystal is renowned to bring prosperity and abundance in life. It opens up the Solar Plexus chakra and is good for self-confidence. in case, someday you feel that you stuck in a box then reach out for this stone for creativity and happiness. It detoxifies negative energy and brings in the positive state of mind with its vibrant sunny emission.


Amethyst: With shades ranging from light violet to lilac to vibrant purple, Amethyst is again one very attractive stone. It is known as “the all-purpose stone” and can have a really soothing effect on all your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual worries. It relieves stress and anxiety and provides clarity whenever there is a confusion in mind. It protects little extra mile whenever you are out for trips, stabilizes the mood and strengthens the immunity. It resonates with Ajna (third eye chakra) and Sahasrara (crown chakra), opening up the gateway to divine consciousness and higher intuition.


Rose Quartz: Known as “Mother of all crystals,” Rose Quartz is a very soothing and calming stone. It opens up your heart to receive and give love, encourages the habit of forgiveness and allows you to feel compassion for yourself and others. It is one of the best stone to use for relationship troubles, as well as any kind of emotional trauma. This stone is indeed an epitome of love, harmony, and peace.  Wear it as a jewelry or place it in your home, the soft pink color of it will only bring appreciation and happiness from around.

Rose quartz

Aventurine: This stone comes in options of colors such as yellow, red, green, blue peach and more but I feel for beginners, Green Aventurine is best. Green Aventurine is a stone of luck, fortune, and opportunities. It increases confidence, self-esteem and optimizes personal growth. Aventurine is known to attract true friendship, true love and for maintaining lasting relations. You can also this stone to help you with your immunity, any kind of allergies, blood pressures and sleep disorders.


Carnelian: Varying from light orange to reddish brown, this stone is acknowledged as an energy booster. It keeps you motivated, inspired, confident and shields you from the impure energies. It resonates with Svadhisthana (Sacral chakra) which basically helps in alleviating addiction and harnessing sensuality as well as creativity.


I basically recommended these seven crystals because they are my all-time favorite. I meditate with them differently as per my situation and mood. They are happy, easy going, easily available, and affordable crystals. I feel without them the crystal collection is incomplete. They are best to start with and are 100% effective.

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